Friday, May 31, 2013

Preston's Transplant

I am so very happy and thankful to tell you how God brought our boy through his fecal transplant today. In October he had a really tough time with the anesthesia, so much so that the nurses were telling me that it was scary for them! So answer to prayer #1: It can be very difficult putting a child of Preston's age under general anesthesia, sometimes there is lots fear and fighting of the mask they use, sometimes there is a shaking and twitching that looks like seizures, and my most miserable experience as a parent, is holding my baby as they go limp and lifeless in my arms with their eyes rolling back in their head as they go under anestheasia BUT NONE OF THAT OCCURED TODAY!!! Preston essentially just relaxed and wasn't nervous. He essentially seemed to just fall asleep in my arms. Aswer to prayer number 2: NO issues at all with anesthesia!!! Answer to prayer #3there were no complications getting to where they needed to go in order for the transplant to be successful, it can be difficult in little guys, but God opened the doors. Answer to prayer #4 No bleeding! This was my anxiety as when Sam had a procedure close to Preston's age he had a big hematoma form in his stomach that ruptured and he had a big bleeding episode. Answer to prayer #5 we are HOME!!! We didn't have to stay over, we have already spoken with the doctors a few times since we left and will probably be calling again in the morning, but we are home! We have some hurdles to get through but we are home and getting through them here... Pictures from today... This is pre procedure. Preston was so happy even though he hadn't eaten in so long. He was happy playing with new toys. And they actually brought the mask they use for anesthesia to him to play with and get used to. They put something in it to smell like strawberries so he kept smelling it. He even let his little toy car smell it... Once they brought him to the OR it felt like eternity before we got to see him again. It was really not even two hours, but it felt like forever. When we were first brought to him he was completely out cold. But looked completely peaceful and comfortable. He slept for almost an hour and a half before the anesthesia finally wore off. When he woke up he was not a happy camper for a bit but he eventually was ok. Since then he has had what appears to be severe pain in his bottom and belly. The doctors have instructed us to give him Tylenol but he is very uncomfortable and the Tylenol doesn't seem to be completely helping. He is trying to be such a trooper, but he is definitely hurting. Poor Sammy has been through so much medically himself that he has really been upset about all of this with Preston. He was so upset yesterday when Preston couldn't eat and was really questioning the doctors plans. Tonight he just snuggled with P and tried to make him feel better. They fell asleep snuggled on the couch...

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