Saturday, May 18, 2013

Reaction to IVIG

Well it would appear that Sam has had another reaction to an IVIG product. I am not sure what will happen now. There are now three products that he has reacted to. I am not sure how many more there are to try. Last night his cheeks were really splotchy but he had no fever and seemed ok. But today his cheeks as well as the back of neck, throat and multiple other places on his body have become rashy. He has complained of that the rash is burning and stingy as well as very itchy. The immunologist is allowing me to use a prescription hydrocortisone cream on it, but due to the platelet problem I can't give him Benadryl or any other antihistamines. Poor guy! He is doing ok right now, the hydrocortisone has helped quite a bit with the itching. I am so frustrated. I really was feeling good about where he is right now. With all that is going on with Preston, things have been fairly stable with Sam. The GI stuff always seems to be an issue. But yesterday at IVIG he had some elevated blood pressures and then last night he had a horrible bloody nose. I contemplated bringing him to the ER because the bleeding wouldn't stop, but after about 45 minutes praise God it did. So now it looks like maybe all these separate things were maybe a reaction.... We will be speaking with his hematologist and his immunologist on Monday. And prayerfully between now and then he will continue to have lessening symptoms and by Monday he will be back to normal,

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