Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Burns, blocks, and everything in between

We live in a huge old house, the kind that has the huge metal radiators in each of the rooms. We have lived here for several years now but have NEVER used those radiators to heat with. We have always used a wood stove, or coal stove or something like that. Unfortunately living in New England we are still in the midst of crazy weather. WE decided yesterday to use the radiators just for a little bit to warm the house up as it was supposed to get very chilly last night. Unfortunately poor Preston grabbed one of the radiators :-( Poor guy burned three of his fingers. The blisters are all closed and his whole hand is wrapped in gauze but I just feel so terrible that this happened to him :-( Prayers for a speedy recovery please. The kids have been loving playing with some new blocks that Preston received last week. It is so funny to see the differences between the boys and Sophia. When she plays with Preston they use the bridge shaped pieces like phones and have conversations with one another. When Sam and Preston play together they build towers and knock them down :-) I am so super excited Matt and I are going out on a date tonight! It happens so rarely and so it is such a rare treat. My inlaws are going to watch the munchkins while we are gone. The cool thing is I don't know where we are going, and I love surprises :-) It is so awesome to be able to share how God has opened the doors for Preston's transplant with people. I got to share again yesterday about how our insurance had denied the transplant but how God has opened the doors to get it done anyway!!!! It is awesome to share how amazing He is and how when one door closes He opens a better one :-) Please continue to keep Preston in your prayers as we move closer to the 31st, that he stays healthy and that all goes smoothly.

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