Monday, May 20, 2013

Swing set, sunshine, IVIG and high blood pressure

How's that for a random title? So after Sam's reaction to his IVIG, the first thing I did this morning when I got home from work was to start making phone calls to the various doctors. My first call was to our pediatrician, I left a message with her nurse, and within three minutes she had called me back. She immediately did what I had suggested and was able to pull up all of Sam's blood pressures since a year ago april. So that she could review the trend. His blood pressure has been increasing over the last several months, and she is thinking that it is related to the IVIG. She had me bring him in to her office today to check his blood pressure and make sure the rash had gotten better. His blood pressure was much better than Friday. She actually said that she would have admitted him Friday night if she had been notified of how high his blood pressure was. She also believes the bloody nose was due to the high blood pressure. So at this point the thought is that this is an IVIG reaction, and that there isn't any underlying cardiac issue. Thank GOD!!! When I called allergy and immunology our doctor was unfortunately not in the office today. So I don't have a plan yet moving forward. I am not sure what he will determine. I am wondering if we can trial him off the IVIG since it is summer and see how he does. I am not sure if that is what will happen or not.... Hopefully will hear back from him tomorrow. We were so blessed to inherit a used swingset from my parents. The kids are absolutely loving it, and getting so adventurous with what they do. Lately and even this winter when the kids have gone outside in the yard to play, there is a friendly neighborhood cat that comes to play. She is super friendly and loves the kids. She especially seems drawn to Preston.

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