Sunday, May 12, 2013

A letter of love

(the following is a letter to my mom, an amazing, selfless, woman of God, who I feel priviledged to call mom and friend) Be forwarned picture overload!!! Dear Mom, I know I don't say it nearly enough, but I can't even begin to explain to you how much you mean to me and how much I appreciate you. This will be an attempt to get it all out there in one place to try to explain my deep love, respect and admiration for who you are and what you've done... As a young child there are NO MEMORIES of anything happening without you there. You were our number one fan, our biggest cheerleader. Encouraging us in whatever we thought we might like to try. You helped with homework, with projects, with sports, with reading, with friendship issues. You were the team mom who we could always count on no matter what. I can still hear you yelling and whistling and letting us know that you thought we were the best, no matter what. And as I watch Sammy play this year, I am brought back to that place, a place filled with a mom who was so incredibly proud of all the efforts I made. Thank you for showing me how to be the best cheerleader for my kids. For showing me how to be a lover of sitting at the table with my kiddos and helping them with homework. For teaching me to be creative with projects and to let my kiddos be the leader and me be the assistant. You have said that you are so proud of the fact that I became a nurse. But YOU are the one who showed me what a nurse is all about. The countless families you introduced us to, the difference in lives that you made. I am still saddened by the loss of Ryan and look forward to seeing him whole and well someday. But the compassion that flows through you instilled the desire in me to be the most compassionate person that I can be. Each child that you have cared for has been forever changed, and that is my goal, to be like you, to love unconditionally, to go above and beyond the calling of my job, to be a woman of compassion and love. Thank you for showing me how to reach the hurting, thank you for sharing your desire for missions and for allowing me to participate in multiple missions trips. You have said that it will be easier for you when you leave knowing how many wonderful friends that I have. But you are the one who has taught me how to be a friend. How to always be there when I am needed. How to be selfless and available. How to reach out to anyone and everyone in my path who is hurting. Yes I am tremendously blessed with some amazingly wonderful friends, and I am so very grateful to include you in that list, not only are you an amazing mother but you are a wonderful friend. You have talked about how thankful you are that I have a strong faith. But you are the person who introduced me, and not only that you live your faith. As a child thinking back on how you brought us to different churches until we found one that we all liked, showed us how important it was to you. I will be forever grateful that you brought us to Cornerstone. That you allowed and encouraged me to become involved with youth group, drama and everything else. I am so thankful that you prayed for us and that you continue to pray for us. You lived out your faith, and showed us God's love on a daily basis. You showed me God, and for that I will be eternally grateful. You talk about how strong I am as I go through so much medical stuff with the boys and all the unknowns that come along with it. But you have taught me. Your desire to fight for the best medical care, for any children that crossed your path, your dedication to finding doctors who listen and respect what you have to say, has shown me how to fight for my boys. Your willingness to make those countless trips to Boston with me with Sam, changed my whole perspective of being a mom. You helped give me the courage to fight for Sammy, and because of that we get to watch him play hockey and thrive in school. You never gave up and helped me find the doctors that made him healthy and strong. All those trips, all the support that you gave and continue to give, it is not something I can repay.... But know that because of you and your support of me, my boys are thriving and happy. As we move forward to the day when you will no longer be right down the street, where I can't just run over and get a hug when it is needed, know that I will miss you immensely. Know that your love has shaped me to be who I am, that your compassion has shown me how to care, that your dedication has made me be the best that I can be. Thank you just doesn't seem enough. The legacy of your love you have shown will live on through generations. My children will be loved with every ounce of my being, I will give sacrificially, I have dedicated my life to giving and to loving others. I have received your love and am thrilled to be able to pass it along. Thank you for your love, for you selflessness, for your compassion, for your constant prayers and encouragement. I love you now and forever!!!!

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