Sunday, October 30, 2011


Yes it is definitely meningitis. However we do not know whether it is bacterial or viral yet, and what type. At this point they are treated as it is the bad kind (bacterial), once the results of spinal fluid culture come back tomorrow they will be calling the infectious disease doctors at Children's to determine further course of action. He has been so irritable today, and I found myself teary as I am just so sad. I know that God is here and have been so blessed by my wonderful friends, and that God has provided them for me, but I am feeling so overwhelmed. It is just plain old hard, I can't comfort him as easily as normal and it is hard to be mommy who can't fix it:-(
So thankful to have the Word to comfort me during this time....
Psalm 34:18The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit

I Samuel 1:27I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him. (one of my favorite scriptures)

Deuteronomy 4:7 What other nation is so great as to have their gods near them the way the LORD our God is near us whenever we pray to him?

Hospital Day 2

We are doing ok here. Unfortunately Preston developed another fever yesterday. So we are definitely here at least another day or so. He also is having more diarrhea today as well. The green watery kind, not sure if from his illness or if it is from the two IV antibiotics he is on, ampicillin and rocephin. They repeated blood work last night, and essentially it is unchanged. He was also weighed today. When weighed yesterday he was 8lb110z, and had on onesie. Today he was weighed naked and was 8lb7oz, so I am thinking that since this all started he has actually lost some weight. He was 8lb5oz on wednesday, and today 8lb7oz but has all of the IV stuff on him that adds an ounce or two, plus he has gotten a lot of IV fluid.
I thought I would wake up feeling much less tired today, but unfortunately that is not the case. Probably going to be anotehr long day. The WONDERFUL thing about today is that I don't have to go out in this ridiculous snow!!!:-) The town right next to us got 18inches, so I am assuming we are similar to that amount! Can you believe it, in october? Oh yes I can, got to love New England. But tomorrow it is supposed to get to fifty degrees, so hopefully I won't have to scrape my car off:-)
NOT loving having his blood taken

Much more awake and alert this morning:-)
My handsome little guy:-)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Spinal Tap:-(

Preston had a fever yesterday. I called his primary and she had me bring him to the ER last night. We spent the whole night in the emergency room and didn't get admitted to the pediatrics ward until about five AM. It took four attempts for the IV, two attempts for blood. On admission his weight was 8lb11oz although not a naked weight.
All day he has been pretty sleepy with periods of irritability. He has been nursing less well today. He ended up having to have a spinal tap today. You know I have assisted with many over the years, and thought I knew how awful it was for parents, because I always compared it to things we have gone through with Sam. But this was AWFUL! I was an emotional mess. Thankfully they were successful on the first attempt. God was guiding the doctor and we got it done. Unfortunately there is white blood cells in the spinal fluid, so they are treating like he has meningitis:-(
I know God is sovereign, I know He is here with me in this trial, but honestly I don't want to go down this road. I know God is going to see us through this, but it is SO HARD. I am surrounded by amazing people who are praying and supporting us, but I just want to be home with my whole family.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Barnyard Bash

I LOVE Sophia's preschool. I was so thankful to be able to send Sam there and now Sophia. They make things so wonderful for the kids. They are a christian school, and my kids learn so much there. Each month is a theme, last month was apples, and therefore they did all kinds of apple activities. This month was farm and farm animals. They went to a farm, and all month have been making crafts and learning songs related to farms. Yesterday was their Barnyard Bash. The kids made little costumes after they picked which farm animal they wanted to be. They each got to sing a part of a song when it came to their animal. Sophia was beyond excited for me to come and see her at her barnyard party. She was a little lamb, and her friend Allison was a cow. The two of them are developing quite a little friendship:-)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

8 weeks (the photos) or 2 months (almost)

So since yesterday I did a post comparing Mr P to his siblings, todays 8 week post is all about him:-) My super cute little guy who SMILED at me yesterday for the first time!!! Oh how I love those first smiles. I of course couldn't get it on camera but it is in my heart and mind. Here are some of my attempts to catch that elusive smile...and of course he closes his eyes whenever I take a picture...
My brother got him this bear when he was born. My goal was to take a picture with it each month. I have taken some but hopefully will get better at it. It is so funny to see how much longer he has grown already!
And just some cute ones from the last few days. He LOVES to be swaddled still, we are using the Miracle Blanket and the kiddopotamus swaddling blanket. He pretty much goes to bed each night between 9:30 and 10, and some nights sleeps only until 12 and others until 3-3:30. Sleeping is still so flukey with him. I believe his stomach is pretty uncomfortable quite often and believe that those bad nights are when he is having a rough night stomach wise.
In the last week he has become so much more interactive and making so many great faces. He has rolled now five times, from his stomach to his back. He is really starting to love the baby swing which is great for me to get stuff done around the house.

8 Weeks

I can't even believe it Preston is 8 weeks old today! We have been having a rough time since last friday especially with lots of abdominal gas and discomfort. Poor little guy has been having some strange stools, huge amounts of gas, lots of hiccups, and some spitting up. He has been arching his back, and making frequent gulping sounds even when he hasn't been drinking. It all sounds like reflux, but unfortunately there isn't much they can do for it,
But today he was seen by his primary. She said something that I was kind of dreading: "How old was Sammy when he started having his problems?" And although that has been in my head the last few days/weeks I was in denial and praying that I was just paranoid. But in talking with the doctor I am now thinking maybe I am not just paranoid. Goodness, I hope that he is fine and that I am just anxious because of all we went through with Sam. But Preston has been so uncomfortable:-( She ordered a bunch of tests, so we may hear something tomorrow....
In other news my big boy is 8lb3oz!!! The crazy thing is this:
Sammy at birth 4lb5oz and at 8wks: 8lb2oz

Preston at birth 5lb15oz and at 8wks: 8lb3oz

Sophia at birth 5lb8oz and at 8wks: 8lb8oz
I can't believe all three of them are so close in size at 8weeks!!! Especially how Sammy was so small, and got big so fast. It certainly didn't seem all that fast when we were there. So do you think they look alike? I am still so often saying taht Preston doesn't look like either of his siblings, and that he just looks like himself. But comparing them at the same age makes me wonder?

Monday, October 24, 2011

My brothers and sisters

So my brother Dennis and his wife Johanna, who is a wonderful addition to our family are moving:-( After Dennis' multiple tours in Iraq and elsewhere, we have been spoiled the last two and a half years to have him stations right here at home. He wasn't completely thrilled with his assigned job, but it was amazing to have him home. I am so blessed that my children have gotten to spend some time with him. Unfortunately they are moving on now. They are moving south. So we won't get to spend time with them nearly as often. Because of Deanna's wedding my other brother DJ and his wife Lyndsea were here for the past week. It has been a blast to have all five of my siblings together with their spouses spending time together. My siblings and I all get along fairly well and really enjoy each other. We had a blast, but that made saying good bye much more difficult. We aren't sure when all six of us will be together again...
My brother DJ holding Preston
Auntie Lyndsea holding Preston (Auntie Lyndsea and Uncle DJ announce while they were here that they are expecting!!!)

My 3 sisters and I

All six of us

The six of us plus our spouses

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My sisters wedding

My sister Deanna got married on saturday to a wonderful man named TJ. Samuel and Sophia (along with my niece Dasanee) were asked to be the ring bearer and flower girl. I am proud to say that both of my children did phenomenally well. They were well behaved and smiled and weren't rude. They were so cute walking down the aisle.
Unfortunately the photographer that my sister and her husband hired was absolutely AWFUL! First, when we were at my mom's house that morning getting ready he rode up on a harley (nothing against motorcycles, but he was not at all dressed or prepared for a wedding) and was completely sloppy looking. And then he pulled out a tiny little POINT AND SHOOT camera! I was horrified. So I used my camera to take as many photos as possible, and hten also called a friend of theirs to take photos as well. So I am praying that they were able to get some good photos. Their friend does some professional photography stuff, and from what I have seen he got some good shots, although not from the ceremony only the reception.

Morning preparation, my sister's Denise, Johanna and Lyndsea did the hair, make up and nails for the wedding. They are all very talented
Auntie Lyndsea putting on Sophia's "wedding make up". Soph wanted make up like Auntie Deanna, so Lyndsea put some chapstick on her:-)
Johanna and Denise did hair, but unfortunately I don't have a picture of Denise doing it:-(

Of course we were fashionably late for the wedding:-) The ceremony was supposed to start at 2pm. I don't believe we left my mom's house until 2pm, and the chapel was a good twenty minutes away!!!
Look how handsome my Sammy is:-) And my handsome nephew Davion
My sister Deanna, her twin Doreen, Sophia and my niece Dasanee. Beautiful!!!
My sister got married at the same chapel on the military base that my parents got married at almost 32 years ago! It was so nice to be there and have it at the same place. Some of the wedding photos were also taken at the same location where my parents had their wedding photos taken.
My nephew Davion and Deanna getting out of the limo

The three amigos: Sam, Dasanee, and Sophia

The flower girls threw leaves instead of flowers, a nice fall touch:-)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Busy week

Gosh we have had a busy week/weekend. I have so many photos that I need to upload to the computor. We had two parties last weekend, then we had a weight check for Preston on tuesday, and he is 7lb11oz!!! I can't believe how big he is getting. He is becoming much more animated, and interactive. He is so cute, but he is so confused about when he should be sleeping, he loves to be awake at night. Little stinker!!!
Sam has had a rough couple of days too. He has had lots of belly pain and now seems to have a cold and has been having bloody noses. Can I just say how thankful I am for the school nurse at his school? She is absolutely wonderful. She calls whenever anything happens with him. And she is so nice and compassionate. HE had two bloody noses at school yesterday, I guess one wasn't too much but the second was a much larger amount. I guess the dry air....We have a GI appointment today so I am praying for good news there.
Sophia also is doing well. She and I both got flu shots today so she is pretty upset that I "let them poke her". She has fire fighters coming to visit her preschool today so I am sure she quickly forgot about the flu shot.
Tonight we have a rehearsal dinner for my sister's wedding. I am praying that my kiddos behave, as they are the flower girl and ring bearer on saturday.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sophia's first field trip

We were singing Old McDonald had a farm, and one of the kids suggested a bunny rabbit, this is Sophia's bunny face

Sophia is in preschool two days a week for two and a half hours. This is the same preschool that Sam was in last year. I didn't send Sam when he was three but Sophia is a different kid. She is bored at home and can totally use the extra attention at school. She thoroughly enjoys it and the teacher has told me that she is a little leader in her class.
Since I have had Preston we have definitely had some behavior issues with Sophia. I think she is feeling a little jealous. So I was really happy to go on this little trip with her and her class. WE had a hay ride, pet the animals, picked pumpkins, and played some games. It was a great day to spend some time with my special girl.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

6 weeks old!!

I just can't believe that Preston has been here for six weeks already! I am so in love with this little boy. He has had a rough week this week and I am not sure if he is sick or is just fussy this week. His bowel pattern has completely changed, from stooling every feeding, to having whole days with no stools. He has rolled over three times now. I am still not completely convinced that he is doing it on purpose. But this week twice I layed him on his stomach and immediately he rolled to his back. :-) I look at him and think you can't do that yet you are my last baby don't grow up so fast:-)
He is eating about every 1.5 to 3 hours during the day, although now that he is full term and is gaining well I am going to try to stretch all feedings to 2.5 to 3hrs but only if he tolerates it. Sleeping still is a challenge. Although we are having a 3hr and a 4hr stretch at night intermittently now. I use the miracle swaddle blanket for him and I am so thankful for it. He is still wearing newborn diapers and clothes, although there are a few 0-3month things that don't fall off anymore.
He always sleeps really well in his carseat, and enjoys being outside. He absolutely loves to be held, and doesn't really like to be put down. He has gotten into a pattern of being fairly fussy in the evening when I am trying to make supper which is quite a challenge.
Preston also went to the babysitter for the first time officially (although last week I left him when I went to get Sophia from Preschool). My mom thankfully was available to watch him yesterday as I went on Sophia's first field trip with her preschool. Will post about that tomorrow....