Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hanging in...

It has been a long weekend, but Preston has summed up the last few days as well as months of our lives with him. We went to a little cookout at Matt's cousins today, and the whole way home Preston was singing "Hallelujah!" It was just such a wonderful reminder of all God has done for our family in these last few months (and always). Preston has definitely had some irritability and some discomfort, but each day is better and better. Today he ate better than he has eaten, his drinking is still fairly poor, which is a little scary as it has been very hot and humid this weekend. He broke out with a rash today, but strangely the rash is on his feet.... I am completely unsure of what it is. I will be calling the doctor in the morning. Thanks for continuing to lift our family in your prayers over these last months, this road with Preston has been a challenge, but I am praising God that He has opened the doors, and made miracles happen. I look forward to sharing all kinds of fun adventures with a HEALTHY Preston this summer :-)

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  1. I left a message on your last post days ago when you wrote it, but it didn't post, I guess. Sorry! I am so happy to hear that Preston's procedure went well. What a blessing. I hope that he is doing much better. You have been in my thoughts and prayers. Hoping you have a wonderful, relaxing summer. Just wondering if you are finding out the sex of the new baby, or keeping it secret!?