Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Oh my gosh I screamed until I was hoarse tonight. Sam did AMAZING at hockey today. He scored two goals, and assisted with a third. The score of the game was 3-0. I am so sad that Matt had to work and didn't get to see him. I am rejoicing as he didn't have chest pain at all! Praise God!!! The doctor called today, I will bring him in to see her a few times this week for blood pressure checks to see if we have to go back to cardiology. But prayerfully we won't be heading down that road with him. The doctor also called about Sophia today, her repeat lab work is still abnormal. So she wants to check in with the GI doctor for Sophia now. She seems to be feeling better for the most part, she still feels cruddy sometimes but for the most part she is much better. Please be praying for her too.

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