Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Boston Pops and Symphony Hall

Matt took me on a surprise date last night! We went to Symphony Hall and heard the Boston Pops play with Keith Lockhart conducting. It was a wonderful surprise for a mother's day gift. Yesterday was crazy as Sophia was having tons of abdominal pain and the doctor thought there was something wrong with her intestines. We had an emergency x-ray at the time Matt wanted to be leaving for the evening! Of course it is always hectic when it comes to my life. But it was so wonderful. We actually got engaged at the Boston Pops Christmas concert in 2000. We hadn't been back since. It was so fantastic. We also got to eat dinner uninterrupted by little people! All in all a wonderful day! Unfortunately no pics to prove it because I didn't have my camera. Sophia seems to be doing much better today although still having intermittent pain. Not sure exactly what is going on with her yet. She has had some blood in her stools but not consistently. Waiting for lab work to come back as well as the final reading of the xray from yesterday. Hoping to get to the playground and get some pics today.... We shall see :-)

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