Saturday, May 18, 2013


I tried so very hard to get some good shots of Sam playing hockey. But for some reason I couldn't even get one this week! He is really really enjoying it. And his coaches have all kinds of positive things to say about how well he is doing. I am so thrilled that he can do it, and enjoys it so much. I have said it many times before, but it just blesses my heart so much to see him doing "normal, typical" kid activities. Matt and I crack up because Sam just starts randomly skipping during the games sometimes. It is so funny to watch him, he is running full force and then starts skipping, I actually caught him mid-air in this picture.. I was very concerned this week as Sam was running full force at times and he would then start complaining of chest pain. Bringing us back to the realization that he isn't a completely typical kid. We had seen a cardiologist quite a while ago, but haven't recently. The last few months his blood pressure has been on the high side too, so I wonder if there is something going on there. But for now we focus on all the fun stuff, and the fun memories he is making for all of us. I just feel so blessed to be watching him grow and thrive, and I LOVE BEING A HOCKEY MOM!!! It is so fun for Sophia and Preston too. Sophia has made a new friend who she plays with at the games, so most of the time she isn't right next to us. And Preston just loves the wide open space to run. Because of the young age of the group of kids playing they actually split the hockey rink into two separate playing areas, and down the middle is where the parents can watch the game. Well in the center of the rink, there is a red line going down the entire rink, Preston runs up and down that line almost the entire time we are there. It just cracks me up. Sometimes he runs straight up and down and sometimes he runs kind of in a zig zag pattern.

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