Friday, September 30, 2011


So the visiting nurse came today, and Preston only gained 20grams in 3 days, and should have gained 30grams each day. So unfortunately now the doctor is exceedingly concerned. I am not sure what she is thinking as she didn't want to worry me. But I am praying that we do some good growing over the weekend and that when we go see her first thing monday morning that she will be really happy with his weight gain.
So he weighed 6lb 8.4oz. Not much gained:-( Please pray for him that he will start growing appropriately.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

4 weeks and 9 years

Preston is four weeks old today! I can't believe that he has been here for four weeks already! He is such a joy although this week has seemed especially challenging. Poor little guy has been so gassy and uncomfortable. I am not sure if it is something I am eating, or if it is because I am on antibiotics for my incision infection or if it is a problem with him. But he is so miserable at times.
He is eating anywhere between every hour and a half to three hours (although the three hour mark happens only once in a great while). He is peeing and pooping with almost every feeding, and is starting to have some very awake and alert periods. I layed him on his belly today for some tummy time and he actually flipped over. He was so angry he was kicking and squirming like crazy and got back to his back.
He is still loving to nurse, but is also starting to do a little better with the bottle. I have started giving him some gas drops which seems to help him.
Sam especially is loving on him a lot this week. He is so cute with him and loves to snuggle.
In other news my husband and I have been married for nine years! I can't believe it has been that long in some aspects and in others seems like much longer. We have had many struggles in the last nine years, but we have had many happy times as well. I am praying that as we have stayed together that God will strengthen and bind us much stronger together. I pray for our marriage to be a marriage that encourages others and helps them to stick it through the hard stuff. Happy anniversary honey I love you!!! Sam and Sophia stayed with my in laws while Preston, Matt and I had a nice dinner. I had a certain meal in mind that I would have then got to the restaurant and realized I couldn't since it probably would have bothered him:-( But we still had a nice time and Preston slept through the whole dinner

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Newborn Photos Take 2

So my friend Shannon is an AMAZING photographer. I am so thankful that my children are so blessed to be photographed by her. I wish that everyone could have her take photos of their children. She does amazing work. Check out her blog to see her amazing talent:
And here is a preview that I just had to share with you:-)
The visiting nurse also came today to check out Preston. She will come again on friday or sooner if I feel like I need her to. I think it will be a great service to monitor Preston and his growth. I wish that I didn't need to have her come, but since I do it is nice to have someone so kind and compassionate:-)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bloody stools, weight and a busy weekend

This weekend I hosted a bridal shower for my little sister Deanna. I was completely exhausted and wishing that it wasn't at my house, however I am so thankful that my sister had a nice shower and was so blessed by so many friends and family. The food was yummy too. Unfortunately my incision became more and more uncomfortable over the weekend and by sunday night it was pretty excruciating.
Today I brought Preston in to the doctor and he weight 6lb 6oz. So he gained a little more over the weekend. The doctor is feeling just ok with his weight gain, and still wants to keep a very close eye on him. So we will start having visiting nurses tomorrow. I also had her look at my incision to prevent having to drive all the way into Boston, and thankfully she did. Unfortunately though it is infected, so I started antibiotics. She also started Preston on some zantac to see if that will help Preston with the coughing/choking/refluxing he is doing...Praying that that will help.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Weight, bath time and other randomness

So Preston and I went back to the doctor today. She was not happy with his weight gain since monday:-( It is so discouraging to know that my milk isn't good enough to help him grow. I just wish that I was enough to help him. He was 6lb almost 1oz on monday and today he was 6lb3oz. So he didn't gain the 1oz per day that she was hoping for. We will go back on monday to check and see how he does over the weekend. I am hoping he gains really well like he did last weekend. She is also going to start having visiting nurses come in next week to weigh him as well...

Sam and Soph seem to have such a love/hate relationship at times. Sometimes they get along so well. And other times I feel like they are trying to kill each other. Today was a day when they went back and forth between liking and despiseing each other....

Snuggle time

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Not a good day for patience.....

Goodness, today is one of those days when I feel like I am not a good mom and definitely need to work on being patient. I have been struggling so much with Sophia since I came home. I know I am hormonal, exhausted and still feeling some discomfort. But that is no excuse...
She has been definitely pushing buttons to see what she can and can't get away with. She has been having accidents again, whining what seems like constantly, has become very aggresive towards Sam, defiant, very loud, etc. And all that combined with my exhaustion and hormonal state does not make for a lot of happy times at our house right now with her.
Today as I was washing dishes, all of a sudden she started screaming her head off. She came running into the kitchen and had this big cut on her face. Her entire cheek was flaming red with a cut kind of like an "S" shape with a hook on it. I couldn't understand what she was saying at first. I brought her in and cleaned up the cut, then applied some antibiotic ointment and a bandage. Only at this point could I finally understand what had happened. She had tried to CLIMB MY LIVING ROOM CURTAINS!!!! The curtain rod broke and that is what cut her face!:-(
Please pray for her and I, that she stops feeling so discombobulated with the newest member of our family. And that I can give her the love and encouragement to make her really know how special and wonderful she is.
In other news Sammy is doing well. He seems to be thriving in school, and is really enjoying his time. He has had a little bit of difficulty adjusting to not being able to have as many play dates and trips to the playground. He really wants to learn to read so that he can read books to Preston. It is so sweet. He just really seems to dote on Preston, and loves to hold and snuggle him.
Health wise he seems to be holding his own right now. Next week is his "low" week for his immune system so it will be interesting to see how he does next week in school. We are trying to figure out a good system for the IVIG right now in regards to scheduling it so that #1 it isn't too late on a school night #2 it is with nurses that are able to get his IV in easily, #3 we aren't giving up the minimal amount of outside time we have left before the winter gets here....

Sammy climbed the fence and the tree at the edge of our yard the other day

Handsome little guy taking a little nap

My little princess, on a day when she was willing to get her picture taken

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

3 Weeks old!!

Wow I am amazed! Preston is already 3 weeks old! My little guy has brought such joy and thankfulness to our lives. I constantly find myself thinking about the miracle that he is and how God has blessed us so tremendously with him. It is hard to believe that he should even be here yet, that he should still be inside for nearly 3 more weeks. And I can't even begin to imagine my life without him.
At 3 weeks (and technically still not full term) he is still sleeping most of the time. He wakes to feed and has very very short periods of awake time, about 15-20minutes at a time. Although the other night he was awake for nearly 3 and a half hours in the middle of the night.
He is nursing very well and as of monday has not needed the nursing shield for most of the feedings, which is such a blessing. He nurses about every 2-2.5hr hours, and nurses anywhere between 15-45 minutes. He likes the football hold the most. He is also still be supplemented with my fortified breast milk 3 times a day. He takes anywhere between 1/2 to 1.5ounces from the bottle. He almost ALWAYS gets hiccups after eating, poor guy. I am also thinking that he is suffering from reflux as he does lots of coughing after eating. He is voiding and stooling tremendously well, but unfortunately he has some really irritated skin on his bottom. He actually was irritated in the NICU but it just hasn't gotten any better. I am actually going to try some cloth diapers for a little while and see how they work to clear his bum up....
He is wearing preemie and newborn clothing, as well as newborn diapers. He LOVES to be swaddled, and we are using the Miracle blanket as well as just regular blankets to swaddle. He really seems to like being in his carseat and sleeps well in the van.
We actually attempted to do a newborn photo shoot with my tremendously talented friend but he was not at all cooperative, so we will be trying again next week. But here is a sneak peak at what we got so far...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rheumatology Update

Miss Sophia had her follow up at Children's with Dr Hazen the rheumatologist today. Dr Hazen is still believing that Sophia's discomfort/pain is a joint hypermobility issue. So we will re-start the physical therapy and see how things improve. Soph had been doing much better so when the PT re-evaluation was done, the physical therapist suggested that we stop and see how she does. And then her pain came back:-( So for now we are going to re-start PT and hopefully stabilize those joints by increasing her muscle strength. She weighed 29lb 12oz today and was nearly 34inches tall.

Monday, September 19, 2011

6 pounds!!!

Yep you read that right! My little guy is 6lbs today! The doctor was thrilled with his weight gain over the weekend. As am I. She actually was going to recheck his weight because she didn't believe it but since he actually was eating when she came in she didn't make me strip him down to weigh him again. We will go back on friday

to recheck his weight again

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Great Construction Project

So Matt and I bought this big beautiful home nearly two years ago. We both fell in love with this house, even though it needs A TON of work! Matt has been constantly working on a major renovation project since we have been here. Whether it has been rewiring electrical, building a whole new mantle, refinishing the bathroom/putting in new toilet, re-sheet rocking, stripping and refinishing trim, building fence, repointing chimney etc etc...
For the last several months his project has been the kids bedroom. He pulled down all the horse hair plaster and has been working tirelessly to sheet rock and finish their room. We are FINALLY getting close. I will share pictures of the process and then a sneak peak to the finished product. I will be so thankful to get Sam and Soph out of our bedroom (our bedroom is HUGE, and so they have bunkbeds in our room:-))

Life with 3 Miracles

To say that I am exhausted would be a huge understatement. But to say that I am thrilled beyond belief would also be an understatement. God has just blessed me so tremendously. I don't deserve these beautiful children but I am so so thankful for each one of them. My blogging has definitely suffered since bringing Preston home, but I am hoping that I can figure it out to continue documenting this crazy busy but beautiful time in our lives. The following is just to document last week for my own memory...
I brought Preston to Dr. V for a weight check, to check his jaundice and to do a complete physical. She was very surprised that he had been discharged already. Another miracle that God blessed us with an early discharge! She seemed to think he was doing well. And we were scheduled to follow up on friday. His weight was 5lb8oz, and the goal is for him to gain about 30grams a day....
Tuesday my little princess Sophia started preschool! I am so thankful that we can send her to a Christian preschool. I am not sure we will be able to afford it the entire time that I am out on maternity leave, but once I go back to work we will put her right back in. The Preschool is called sunshine garden, and it has been open for at least fifteen years. They have a wonderful program and teachers who really enjoy teaching our kids about the love of God. Soph already knew one little girl that was going named Alison. So they were thrilled to see each other there.
Wednesday was a kind of lay low day. Sam went to school and Soph and I hung out at home for the most part. I had an appt for an ultrasound as I had found a lump. But I am praising God that this lump is just a cyst and is no big deal!!! We also got to have a playdate with our friends and the kids got to ride their bikes and play on the playground, with my friend Meg and her kiddos. It was a great day with beautiful weather.
Sam is so thoroughly enjoying being a big brother to a boy:-) He absolutely loves to snuggle Preston.
This was Preston's follow up at the doctors office. She wasn't completely thrilled with his weight gain:-( It stinks to be in this place of concern for his weight. I am nursing every 2-2.5hrs with some occasional three hour stretches at night. He is getting supplemented 3 times a day with my breast milk that has calories added to it. If I feed him too much he gets gaggy and really not quite sure what will happen with this. I definitely would love to bulk him up before the really cold weather comes. We have to follow up on monday.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Preston: Day Ten (9/10)

WE ARE GOING HOME!!!! I am beyond thrilled! God has just opened the doors for us to go home. He is 5lb7oz today, ate about ever 2hrs throughout the night and day today and he is doing so well. His bilirubin level has finally started coming down and we don't have to worry about Jaundice any more.
And actually his umbilical cord has fallen off! I think his fell off the soonest out of all of my kiddos. THese nurses and doctors here have been fantastic. I feel completely prepared to take this little miracle home, and am so thankful that I can call 24hrs a day with questions. Praising God for this wonderful day:-)
Meme' and Auntie Denise, and Auntie Doreen got PReston a whole bunch of really sweet clothes. I LOVE this white outfit from my mom. So much so that I am not putting the coming home outfit that we got him on and putting the one from my mom.

Preston: Day Nine (9/09)

More visitors, more weight gain and tonight he gets to sleep in my room!!! I am so excited to be one of those "normal" mom's who gets to have the baby in the room with them. He gained 22grams between yesterday and todya and is 5lb 6oz. He is nursing about every 2.5-3hrs and for about 35-40minutes total. He is peeing and pooping well. He had his procedure yesterday and has had some bleeding, which of course makes me anxious since Sam has a bleeding disorder. He had his hearing screening today and passed that as well. Praising God for all kinds of good news today. If all goes well we will be discharged tomorrow afternoon! I am so so thankful! God has really been moving mountains for us to get out of here and be together as a family.
Uncle Dennis and Auntie Johanna came to visit as did Auntie Doreen, and Meme' and Sophia today. Unfortunately I didn't get lots of pics today...

Preston: Day Eight (9/08)

Matt's brother Tim came to meet Preston today! It was nice to introduce him to Uncle Tim.
Preston gained a little bit of weight too! He weighs 5lb5oz today! HE gained about 20grams, not exactly what they wanted but something is better than nothing.
Daddy, Sophia and Sammy also came to visit. They both are so excited to have this little guy as their brother. They both wanted to cuddle and hug him the whole time. It will be interesting to see how things go once we are all home together.