Friday, May 17, 2013


Sam had his IVIG today. I was hopeful that the mountain dew would have the same affect on his veins as it did last time. His veins definitely plumped up, but not as big as last time. But praise GOD, one stick and the IV was in!!! I am just so thankful! He tolerates it all so well, but this past six months or so a few times he has tensed up and become visibly anxious, even if he doesn't do anything with that anxiety. So it is even more pertinent to get those lines in on the first try. I am just praising God that all went smoothly. We were also blessed today to have his friend Berto come and hang out with him throughout. It was WONDERFUL! God really does put friends in your life for a reason. I just watch him for hours have so much fun today. Berto is several years older but they really connect. I am praising God for friends that get us through the hard stuff. I have thankfully had some wonderful conversations this week as well. I so often get overwhelmed with the thought of my family moving away, but am so blessed to have my Christian family surrounding me, and loving my family and giving us more people to love too. I am so blessed. Sophia still seems to be struggling with whatever this GI thing is. She is slowly getting better, but has still had some discomfort, increased gas and poor eating. The X-ray of her belly essentially came back normal, the stool studies have come back abnormal again. Today when I spoke with our pediatrician she was actually contacting the boys GI doctor to see if he had any recommendations. Gosh I really don't want to start doing all kinds of crazy doctors with Sophia.... Sophia and Preston got to have some one on one time with Daddy this afternoon and evening while Sam and I were at IVIG. They both were worn out from their adventures with Daddy. Preston fell asleep holding his FAVORITE toy of all time, his school bus.

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