Monday, May 6, 2013

1st grade Geometry

I am still so amazed that I have a first grader. I love it! He has done so well this year. Lately he is seeming to be having more bloody stools and abdominal pain as well as head aches, but for the most part this year has been amazing for him. He is reading AMAZINGLY well!!! I am always amazed as I hear him read. The other night when we were reading his Bible, I teared up as he was reading. I just love the desire in his heart to read God's word! He is loving math the most in school. Currently they are doing "geometry." He has been working on a project in which he had to come up with some type of thing that was built out of geometric shapes. There are graphs, and grids and all kinds of papers that he has to fill out in the process. The other day we were working on painting his project. He decided that he wanted to make a monster truck. So this is a few picks of our painting day.... May 1st was actually my mom's (AKA Meme')'s birthday. We were unable to celebrate with her that day as she was working. So sunday after church I brought over a cake that I had made for her and we had sunday dinner and then cake. Unfortunately I didn't get one picture of my mother :-( It is so nice to have a close knit family and be able to get together for these occasions. I am going to miss this so much when everyone moves away :-(

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