Sunday, May 26, 2013

Worship and praise

Today we were blessed to go to church and worship together as our family and friends joined us. Our church congregation prayed over Preston today, knowing that Friday is the transplant. We are believing and praying for miracles this week! He was so cute while they prayed over him, just kind of looking around with huge eyes and a little smirk. He is so cute!!! I can't believe it is almost june and it is so cold. There were actually supposedly flurries overnight, although I didn't see them. Today it is in the 40s. We are hoping for a nice day tomorrow to celebrate Memorial Day. The kids have some really cute clothes but it is so cold to be wearing them. Our Pastor and church body are very respectful and thankful for our troops. There was a nice tribute today to them as well as some patriotic songs. We also heard from Convoy of Hope which is currently on the ground in Moore Oklahoma working clean up the destruction left from the tornados. My brother in law Tim is still there with CIA (Christ in Action) also working to clean up the devastation. Matt's parents heard from Tim, yesterday, unfortunately his back is bothering him, so would you please lift him up in prayer? That God would supernaturally heal his back, and that he would be able to continue bringing God's love and hope to the people in Oklahoma? Thank you so much!!!

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