Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Colonoscopy and Endoscopy Update

Sammy did so awesome!!! He was so brave. Unfortunately the doctor was WAY BEHIND on monday. We were supposed to have the procedure at 12:30pm but didn't end up having it until after 2pm. While we were waiting Sam got to play video games with Matt. Since we don't have them at our house it was a really special treat for him and he loved it.
Mr Preston came with us as well. He was such a trooper. I don't have too much breast milk stored up in my freezer since I had to get rid of all that I had pumped when I was eating dairy and soy. He is such a love!
The procedure was supposed to be about half an hour to about 40 minutes. It lasted about an hour. The doctor said everything looked good physically to his naked eye, but that we need to wait for the biopsy results. He said that he may have bled more than a typical kid, but not much. So praise God for keeping the bleeding in check!!! Once he got done he went to the recovery room, where we waiting for about an hour for him to wake up. He was pretty out of it when he woke up.
So we will call next week to see what the biopsy results show. Thanks so much for your prayers and support during this time.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Colonoscopy/Endoscopy and Crocodile Tears

Oh my poor Sammy. So yesterday I told him that he would be having the colonoscopy and endoscopy procedure tomorrow. He was perfectly fine with it once I told him that it was Dr Zella that was doing it. He drank the drinks that he was supposed to like a champ.
He was so brave and just drank the senna and magnesium like a champ. This prep was so different from the ones he has done before. The other times were more drawn out. WE didn't really do anything different until yesterday evening at which time he drank some senna. And then today we did the magnesium citrate and then tomorrow the fleets. In the past it was a much slower gentler process. But so far he seems ok. I am surprised he hasn't stooled more though. Praying that he is all cleaned out and that the doctor can visualize everything he needs to.
So again he was perfectly fine with everything until today! Today was the day that he stopped being able to eat. The poor guy was heartbroken. Of course today at church they had a big turkey stew dinner, which he couldn't go to. And then here at home whatever daddy or Sophia were eating he wanted. He said things like "I can't believe you get to eat all this and I don't. I can't believe there are only four things I can eat (popsicles, italian ice, jello and broth)" Oh he is just so sad. I brought him to the store and let him pick out all kinds of things to drink during this process, but all he could focus on was what he couldn't have. My poor boy, I just feel so sad for him.
So please be praying with us that we get some good answers tomorrow. Some answers about all this belly pain that he has, answers about the bloody stools that he has. Answers about all his GI issues. And also be praying that Mr PReston behaves tomorrow as well. Little munchkin is coming with us as I am not sure if Sammy will be admitted overnight or not, and wanted Preston to feed well as much as possible in case I am staying with Sammy overnight and I won't get to nurse him.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tubby Time

Sam and Sophia have been asking for MONTHS to take a bath with Preston. I have always been very hesitant and haven't allowed them to do it. But today I had the idea to put the baby tub in the tub with him in it and then put water in the regular tub for Sophia. So they were "taking a bath together" like she so desperately wanted. It was cute, they both were smiling and happy to watch each other. Preston has really started to kick and splash alot in the tub:-) And our cat Lewis was super curious about all the commotion in the bathroom so he came in to watch too. Please pray for Sammy as he has his colonoscopy/endoscopy on monday. I am trying so hard not to be anxious and to remember that God is in control. But unfortunately for some reason I am scared about this. I know that God will be with him through it all, and that He will protect him, but I am still anxious. I just keep thinking back to the last colonscopy where he had the hematoma and subsequent hemorrhage. SCARY!!! So please be praying for him, and for us that we can stay focused on God and His power. Also please pray for the prep for this, that it doesn't hurt Sammy's tummy. Thank you!!!

Friday, January 27, 2012


Goodness! This dairy and soy free thing is certainly going to be a challenge. I am so hopeful that I can continue to feed Preston, but concerned that my supply will decrease with such a drastic diet change. I have been doing lots of research and have found some really good resources out there for recipes and stuff. So it is just a matter of getting over the hump with what I like to eat versus what I can eat. Sam is having a relatively good week. He is getting ready to celebrate his 100th day of school next week, so had to make a project of something with 100 pieces. We actually made a balloon wreath:-) with 100 water balloons, not filled though. It is so fun to see him learning and counting by tens now, he made the balloons into 10 groups of ten and then each grouping was a color pattern. He is learning so much this year. And is really enjoying it. I am so thankful that he has remained so healthy this year, I was so nervous at the start of the year, but he has done phenominally. He is so carefree and silly lately. This picture is probably one of my favorites ever, because it is so silly and is the perfect picture of his silliness these days...
Sophia is also doing very well this week. She has had a blast at preschool this week, learning about all things bears. Songs, books, snacks, show and tell etc were all about bears. Her PT eval this week led to us being restarted with PT, and we will be going once a week for now. She has requested to wear dresses almost every day this week. SHe just loves to dress up and look beautiful.
Preston also is having a relatively good week. He seems a bit more comfortable since I have eliminated the dairy and soy from my diet. His discomfort seems less frequent but more intense when it does happen. He really is becoming so interactive and smiley. He loves staring at his hands/fingers and watching Sam and Sophia run around him. This week one night when I worked, he of course had bottles all day. Well he was so happy to be with me afterwards, that while he was feeding he kept smiling and saying "Mmmm." Oh it made me smile. I don't even have a good new pic of him to post, but here is an older cute one

Thursday, January 26, 2012

So incredibly blessed

Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the every day battles/struggles of life. So often I find myself feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with where I am at in this life. Wishing and hoping to be a better wife and mother, but not completely knowing how. Desiring to be a better follower of Christ, but not completely pro-active as much as I should be... And then there are days when I realize how unbelievably blessed I am. How God has just filled my life with so much that I don't deserve, and surrounded me with amazingly wonderful people. Today was a day that started out with me feeling tired and overwhelmed and wishing I could just have some help to get everything done. I was feeling like I was going to fail miserably and then deal with crabbiness at home. But then God stepped in and reminded me of what really matters and changed my whole attitude. And I am so thankful. Today as I was walking out the door to bring Sophia to preschool, someone from our church showed up and said "I heard you could use a new computor. Here you go." And proceeded to hand me a laptop and then left! The person very clearly asked that I not say who gave it to us, and that it is just between us. So here is this completely unexpected way that God has blessed us AGAIN! And then I went and had a meeting with the pastor of my church, and I am always so encouraged and uplifted after meeting with him. He always gives me new insights and encourages me to think deeper. And I am so thankful that I was able to go today. And then someone else randomly told me that they have some coupons for me for the almond milk that I have been drinking. AGAIN unexpected blessing! I look around at my life and see the craziness, sickness and so many unknowns, but more than that I see God's love and provision for us in all circumstances. He always seems to provide in unexpected ways and I am so very grateful. Psalm 100:4-5 4 Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name. 5 For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

20 weeks

Hard to believe how big my little guy is getting and how fast time is flying by! I can't believe he is almost five months old! I can't believe that he has grown more than five inches and more than double his birth weight! Since last wednesday life has been pretty stressful, with the bloody stool. But thankfully as I have changed my diet it is appearing that he is starting to feel better and getting back to his old self. He has really taking a liking to the exersaucer this week, as well as anything and everything he can get in his mouth. He loves his gymini, and loves to watch Sam and Soph run around him. He is feeding still VERY FREQUENTLY, but I am hoping that he will start being able to space out his feedings, once the stomach issues are resolved. The other thing that has become very prevalent this week is him sticking out his tongue! He will actually even imitate it if he seems someone else do it! When we went to GI last week they recommended some other specialists so I am awaiting anxiously those appointments as well.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Sammy got his IVIG yesterday. And after last months EIGHT sticks for IV access I wasn't at all looking forward to it! He as always is such a trooper, and the nurses are so phenomenal that he was happy to be coming. Even if he was going to have several IV attempts. He had four attempts today, which is definitely better than last time but I still hate that he has to go through it and that he has just had to become so accustomed to this. We got a wonderful "Therapeutic Play Kit" from the company that makes his IVIG. And so he loves to bring IGI V with us. We call him "I Gee" and Sam loves to give him his medicine too. We were also very fortunate to have a friend come with us which was wonderful since I had all three munchkins. Sam is getting so big! He is now 43.6 lb (19.8kg)!!!

More of Shannon's photos

Gosh they came out so good. I feel so blessed to have such amazing photos of my kiddos!
Thank you a million times Shannon!!! Check out her website: www.sgrahamphotography.com/blog

Monday, January 23, 2012

Photos and Dairy/Soy Free

Our wonderful photographer stuck our CD in the mail in December, and it took a month to get here!!! Thankfully she gave us the christmas card prints prior to this, but I just wanted to share these with you. They came out absolutely amazing. My friend Shannon is fabulous. If you are ever in Massachusetts you should look her up...Or if you want to fly her to you she is totally worth it:-)
So here are the first couple. I will post more tomorrow. As you can see the kids thoroughly enjoyed the photo shoot. As did I. In other news I have started a dairy and soy free diet to help Preston. I definitely am thinking that this is going to be a challenge but I am praying that I can stay strong and do this for him, and that he will feel better, and get over the stomach pain and bleeding. So I am going to chronical my adventures with eating here to track Preston's progress...Saturday was the first day of the D+S free diet. It was ROUGH! Preston seemed pretty much the same. And I was HUNGRY! Sunday was day two and he seemed less archy, but still having sharp "more intense" pain, but less frequent. Last night was a pretty rough night for him, but I am thinking it is because I had spaghetti sauce, that made him gassy. Today he seems a little better. And I am already starting to feel like there isn't much I can eat....

Saturday, January 21, 2012


So after working all night thursday I drove into MGH with Preston yesterday. I must say how pleased I am that they were able to get us in so quickly. Dr V didn't even decide to send us until wednesday afternoon and we got seen yesterday! God totally opened that door for us. Preston did fairly well on the way in. Shortly before we got there he got hungry and was complaining but other than that he did great. So we got to see Sam's GI doctor Dr Zella. I really really like him a lot. He does such a good job and is so kind. He really listens to what I have to say and takes my thoughts/feelings/opinions into consideration. AFter listening to everything that is going on with Preston, he really just believes that this is allergy related!!! I am so thankful, and have been praising God for his kindness. Dr Z believes Preston is probably allergic to milk and soy. So he wants me to come off of food containing those items. It is certainly going to be a challenge but I am confident that I want him to received breast milk as long as possible. So starting todya I have eliminated soy and dairy from my diet. Which essentially means MOST of what I used to eat is eliminated. But that is ok. This adventure will produce healthier eating habits for me, and prayerfully a much happier content baby who doesn't seem so uncomfortable all the time:-) PReston did get weighed today and he weighed 13lb6oz, and was 25 inches. Exactly what he was at his PCP at his well child check up. So I got nervous because that means he hasn't gained anything in a few weeks. SO hopefully this week he will
I have been looking on the internet and have found some good resources for recipes. And today I tried almond milk for the first time, and I actually like it! Now I just have to find some bread and some type of butter alternative and I should be good with all of the other things I have found that I can eat.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mass General Hospital

Oh my goodness, they called to get us in to see the pedi GI specialist at Mass General and they got us in TOMORROW MORNING!!!! I am so thankful and thrilled! I am scared about what they will say, but I know that regardless of what is said that God is in control!!! Please be praying for us tomorrow, as I start this journey with Preston. That I will stay focused on God, and on His will for our lives. That I won't let my mother's heart, distract me from serving and loving and praising our God in the midst of this trial. These are some of my favorite photos of my little guy...