Monday, September 30, 2013

Wildwood Farm

When was a teenager I worked at a beautiful farm and I LOVED it!!! It is a horse farm, but back then they also had cows, a few pigs and some other animals. It was such a fun job and so rewarding. In the fall every year they had a farm stand at which they sold things like apples, pumpkins, corn stalks and fall decorations. So fun! Anyways ever since I was a kid we make a trip to the farm at least once each fall to spend the day, picking pumpkins and experiencing the beautiful scenery. This fall was no exception.... This little white pony is named Sugar. And he has been there since I work there. He is almost 18 years old. Preston and Sophia absolutely adored him. Preston bent over next to his face every time he wanted to talk to him. It was so funny! Wow attempts at family pictures are getting more and more difficult. It was so funny when we were trying to take these photos. Preston was trying to eat a crab apple, Sam and Sophia thought it was the funniest thing ever. Paisley was hungry and I was desperately trying to keep her not screaming for the picture. I am so blessed to have grown up in such a loving, fun, Christian home. My parents have been married for more than 33 years and they still laugh often. They raised us to love and respect each other and others. They taught us to be kind and giving. They taught us to work hard and to earn what we have. They told us to do everything to the best of our ability. I LOVE that my parents are so close and we can see them so often. Unfortunately my dad didn't join us at the farm this time but my sister Deanna and her husband TJ joined us. Deanna and TJ are expecting their first child Noah, in December. I a cousins around for the kids to play with. There is a huge old tree at the farm with a great tire swing. The kids and Matt had a blast playing on it. I laughed so hard when the kids twisted the swing up so tight and Matt was spinning in circles. He was so dizzy when he got off :-)

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Gosh I love sundays! I love going to church and praising God for His goodness and provision. I love worshipping with my friends and family. I love seeing little lives learn to love and trust God. I am so blessed to have an amazing church with a pastor who preaches so His Word is speaking right to me. Today after church we went over to my parents for sunday dinner. The food was yummy and the company excellent. Uncle TJ and Auntie Deanna (and Baby Noah) are so good to the kids. They did puzzles and raced, read, tickled, rough housed, etc with them.... SO FUN!!!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Birthday Party

What an amazingly gorgeous day we had today! The weather was perfect. Sunshine and warmth. Just a beautiful fall New England day. The kids and I went to a birthday party and they had a wonderful time. They ran around and played in a bouncy house, had silly string fight, hit a piƱata etc... Alex turned five today. Sam and Sophia both really enjoy playing with him. It is so nice, to have friends that they both get along with so well. Preston played hard all day long, he was climbing all over the place, and tried so hard to be a big kid. He was so cute trying to squirt the silly string and required help.