Friday, May 3, 2013

Exhaustion gets the best of us

I just cracked up when I found Preston like this.... Poor guy is just wiped out from how crazy things have been. He actually has lost almost a pound in the last three weeks since our last IVIG. I am just praying that we can move forward quickly with the transplant, before he gets sick or loses more weight. Unfortunately the lab where the testing was done, messed up some of the blood work so it had to be re-done :-( I am not sure how long it will take for these tests to come back. We are in for a busy weekend but I am looking forward to lots of family time too. I am working tonight, and then Sam has a hockey game at 8am, Sophia has a "Daddy Daughter Carnival" at 11 that she is going with with Matt. Sam is having a playdate with his friend John during Sophia's carnival. And then we are celebrating my mom's birthday after church on sunday. I am making her a yummy chocolate cake :-) Thankfully we all really like chocolate! I am so thankful my FIL brought over some treats for the kids and some more duck eggs for Sammy. It seems as though lately the ducks aren't producing much these days. But thankfully I got my hands on some more :-)

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