Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hockey, GI, blood pressure, and the transplant

Sam had a hockey game this week on Tuesday. He seemed fine prior to us bringing him to the game, but lasted only a few minutes before he was asking the coach to pull him out. When he came out he was saying that his stomach and chest hurt and was almost in tears. I feel so bad for him. I hate that he has such significant pain at times that it stops him from doing the things that he absolutely loves to do. Preston had a blast at the hockey game this week. He was running around all over the place trying to hit the ball with the hockey stick. On Wednesday I took Sophia into Tufts Floating Hospital for Children. Ever since we saw her pediatrician at the beginning of the month for the diarrhea, we haven't had much improvement so she sent us to GI, just to make sure all was ok. The drive into the hospital and the drive home was absolutely horrendous. But Sophia was so awesome. She usually gets nauseous but she did really well both ways. She allowed them to take her blood and she didn't even whimper or cry. She was polite and allowed the doctor to ask her all kinds of questions and responded appropriately. I am so proud of her. The doctor is thinking that things will just get better, but is checking some labs to rule out food allergies and crohn's disease. It will take a few weeks to get those results back. Since Sam's reaction to the IVIG and the high blood pressure because of it, we have been going to our pediatrician just to keep tabs on it. PRaise God yesterday it was fantastic. 90/60!!! I am unsure of if we still need to keep going now that it is back down to normal. It is hard to believe the road with Preston for the C. diff will be complete tomorrow! I am just so amazed how God has worked this situation so perfectly. We will be heading in tomorrow, leaving our house between 04:30 and 5 am. It will be a long day but I am already rejoicing in God's healing power in my baby boy. Prayers are greatly appreciated.

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