Wednesday, May 22, 2013

And the craziness continues....

Actually today wasn't at all a crazy day to start with. I actually had just messed up scheduling wise :-( Preston has IVIG tomorrow and I messed up the child care for Sophia and Sam. I had forgotten that Matt was working late tomorrow too. It is so weird how I become (MORE) forgetful and unorganized while pregnant. Preston's IVIG is tomorrow and I am praying and praying and then praying some more that they don't struggle for IV access like last time. Will you please join me? I also called to schedule Sam's next IVIG with Preston. I am not completely sure what the plan for Sam is yet, but I wanted to reserve the spot just for in case they decide to either try the same IG product or something different. I will certainly have my hands full that day.... I had spoken with our pediatrician about Sophia's GI issues that she has been having yesterday. She recommended consulting with a GI, so she called down and tried to get an appointment with the GI doctor that we see for the boys. Unfortunately he is switching offices (we already knew this) and therefore as of right now isn't taking any new patients until the new office. So she called another GI doctor that will be in the same practice that our GI is going to, and they got her in next Wednesday! Praise God for Him quickly getting us to a new doctor. Now I am just praying that there isn't something too crazy going on and that this will be a one time visit for her and we can get her back to normal.

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