Thursday, May 23, 2013

IVIG, Preschool conferences, and a trip to the ER

I am praising God that Preston's IVIG went so fantastically well today! They were able to get the IV in on the first try. He fell asleep shortly after and then slept throughout most of it. He was fairly miserable on the way in to Children's today, but thankfully he seems to be feeling much better. I went to Sophia's preschool conference today. Her teacher was very happy with all the progress that she has made. She feels as though she will do very well in kindergarden and has no concerns with her except for a warning about how much of a perfectionist Sophia is. And that that perfectionism prevents her at times from trying new things in fear of not doing it well. She stated that she has gotten better at being willing to try new things but that she still struggles with not wanting to, because she wants to be really good at everything she does. I shared how I feel as though she doesn't want to disappoint people if she doesn't do something to her liking. All in all a great conference. I can't believe my baby girl will be starting kindergarden in a few months. My poor friend Sara had an anaphylactic reaction to pudding today and ended up in the hospital. I went and sat with her for a little while, just to keep her company. Poor girl! Please be praying for her, her doctors can't seem to get a handle on her allergic reactions and they keep getting worse.

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