Thursday, May 9, 2013

OB appointment

I had another OB appointment. I met another one of the doctors in the high risk practice where I am going to deliver. I feel so thankful to be able to be at this practice. I feel completely safe and comfortable with them. I will get the small community hospital feeling that I so desperately want, with the expertise of the Brigham and Women's Hospital high risk staff that I definitely need. This doctor was so kind, and I had a lengthy conversation with him about my fears and anxieties, as well as the weird discomfort that I have been having in the general vicinity of my liver. We discussed the delivery plan, and I asked if my mom would FINALLY be allowed to be at one of my deliveries. That is one of the things I am so saddened about with my prior deliveries... With Sam my mom was down helping out with the victims of Hurricane Katrina, she took an emergency flight home but arrived about half an hour after Sam was born. With Sophia my dad had a massive heart attack on the same day that I delivered. She again came shortly after Sophia was born. With Preston she wasn't allowed to be in the delivery room, but she was there. I have always always wanted her to be there when my babies were born, but sadly so far it hasn't happened. I am praying that all will work out and that she in fact be in the delivery room this time. The doctor said that as long as I am stable he doesn't seem to think that there will be a problem My blood pressure was good, and there was no protein or sugar in my urine. There are scheduling another ultrasound of the baby within the next two weeks, to make sure they got good views of everything. So I am waiting to hear when that will be. My weight is ok, I didn't lose any since the last time, and maintained so that is good. The sound of the baby's heart beat is just such a beautiful sound! I think God allows that sound to just remind us of His miraculous creation. The sound of a beating heart within a woman is just so miraculous. It just makes my heart swell when I hear it. Her heart beat was in the 140s today :-)

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