Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Transplant update and playground fun

I was so happy to hear from Preston's GI doctor this morning. He has finally gotten all the blood work back to move forward with Preston's transplant!!!! I should hopefully hear from the scheduler tomorrow, and therefore he should be in a much better place within the next couple of weeks!!!! I got the list of what we have to do to prepare him and we are getting set. Praise God we are moving forward!!! I took Sophia and Preston to this little kid playground today. We met our friend Tristan and his mom Shannon as well as Auntie Deanna there. Preston had so much fun going up and down the slide, but was adamant to continuing holding a vehicle in each hand no matter what he was doing. So the poor kid fell multiple times and didn't use his hands to brace himself. Needless to say the pics are pretty terrible, but we all had fun. It is so fun to see him developing his personality. For so long he has been so sick and has been so miserable all the time. He still definitely has his days where you can tell he doesn't feel well. And I know the last few days he has been feeling fairly poorly again as he has stopped eating a lot. He has really been refusing breakfast and lunch and then he picks at dinner. I am so thankful he is still on formula, I feel like that is the only thing that is getting any adequate form of nutrition into him. He is such a boy! I love it, all those little things about dirt and boys are compiled into this handsome little guy of mine! LOVE IT and all the dirty laundry that goes along with it. When you spend so much time with them being sick and feeling poorly it is great to see them "normal" and enjoying life :-) Sophia said that this playground "was very boring and just for babies," but I am pretty sure she had fun too.

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