Thursday, May 2, 2013

IVIG for Preston

Today was just a plain old horrible day. We all woke up early and the day started wonderfully. We got Sam on the bus and then I quickly went to the library, the doctors office and the bank all before 9am. I then dropped Sophia off at school and deal with a problem with the bank. Namely then essentially "losing" or Savings! I was totally panicked about it. But I had to bring Preston to Children's for IVIG. WE got there and were thrilled to have a different nurse than we normally have. And she was so nice. But unfortunately she couldn't get his IV in, after she tried multiple times, she then had another nurse come and she tried multiple times as well. As a mom, it is just pure torture to hold your child down and allow someone to hurt them :-( It was so horrible. He just had these huge crocodile tears and just kept saying "Mama mama..." It was heartbreaking. They got to a point where they were going to just send us home and have us come back tomorrow to try again. I sent out a text asking for prayers for them to get this one last shot and they did! Praise God!!!! The poor guy was pretty traumatized by the whole scenario but eventually he settle down and was able to play for a bit before the medicine kicked in and he fell asleep completely exhausted... It really made me think today about God's love for me. I mean He knew without a doubt what horrible things would be done to Jesus, when He came to earth. He knew that he would be tortured and prosecuted. He knew that He would be crucified. And yet God chose to allow that to happen, for me! It is such a humbling thought, especially after the day we had today. We serve such an amazingly powerful God, but He is also the most loving gracious God. I can't imagine, I just can't even begin to think about knowing what would happen to Jesus, and choosing to send him still, for me and for you!!!!

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