Monday, April 29, 2013

Children's Discovery Musem

Last fall when we were in the process of determining if Preston had the immunodeficiency that Sam had we were told to not take him out where there were large crowds, and to keep him home when possible. I was feeling really bad about it, we had just spent a good chunk of time in the hospital, and had postponed his first birthday multiple times, so I was really struggling. And then Sam came home from school with some paperwork in his backpack about this program that is funded through a grant. It has been mistaken as Early Intervention but it is not. This program essentially is supposed to be an early literacy program. I signed Preston up, knowing that he wouldn't really be seeing much of the outside world and wanted him to be exposed to people other than us. It has been such a tremendous blessing. Our visitor is just the most wonderful, kind, compassionate person. I am so thankful for her. And Preston just adores her. She comes twice a week, and brings some type of educational thing for him, it alternates between a book and a toy. It has been so wonderful to see him interacting with someone outside of our family in such a positive way. Since we have started the IVIG, we haven't been nearly as isolated. I have taken him to one of the small playgroups that the grant funds as well. There are three other children there. Preston is the youngest and doesn't do much interacting with the other little boys but again it is getting him out and doing normal, non-hospital type things. This week the program funded a wonderful field trip for the kids to the Acton Children's Discovery Museum. Preston had a wonderful time. There was a train room, which it was no surprise he absolutely enjoyed. He also really enjoyed the water table, which was filled with warm water, of course he and everyone that was anywhere near him was fairly soaked when he was done playing. But he had a blast. The other area he really seemed to adore was the little diner. He sat on the stools up at the table, he served his home visitor Martha, he pretended to eat and pour coffee. It was so cute. There was also a ship themed room, in which he wore a little pirate captains vest. It was so cute! And then there were several other rooms that we didn't spend as much time in, a jungle room, a ball room, and a rainbow room. They were all so fun. It was so great to do something with just him and I, that wasn't medical related :-)

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