Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hanging in

Goodness this has been a rough couple of days. I must say though that I am so blessed. God has put so many uplifting encouraging loving people in my life to help us through these trials. Knowing that Sam and Soph are being loved on and taken care of is such a comfort. Yes I am sad that I am not with them and that they are all over the place with different people, I am exceedingly grateful that we have these wonderful people in our lives.
Preston has certainly been cranky the last few days, and I am exhausted. Thankfully people have come to snuggle him so I have been able to take little breaks. Yesterday my friend Meg and Sara came and each of them held him so that I could lay down and rest. I actually did sleep for alittle while which was wonderful.
As of now they are thinking that it is a viral meningitis but bacterial hasn't been ruled out so we are still in the hospital and still keeping close eye on him. His IV blew last night:-( This morning he has a worsening rash on his body, and a terrible diaper rash. But at times he is more alert than he has been and so I feel as though there is a bit of recovery going on...His poor little bum is so raw, I actually filled a little basin with water yesterday and soaked his bum a little, he liked it and hated it at the same time...

Miss Meg came and snuggled him and Preston tried to eat her:-)

He is so cute even when he is sick and doesn't feel well...

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