Wednesday, November 30, 2011

13 Weeks!

Goodness Mr Preston you are growing up so fast! I am saddened to think how fast time is flying by with you. I love watching you grow but I am sad that it is happening so fast. At 13 weeks you are smiling and cooing often, especially in the morning, or when you are getting your diaper changed. You are really seeming to enjoy watching Sam and Sophia running around you and watching them play. You have taken an interest in music, and really seem to calm down as soon as you hear it. You are now 10lb 6oz!!! You are getting so big. You are most definitely out of newborn clothes, most 0-3month clothes still fit, and I am now also putting the straight 3month size on you. You are continuing to wear size one diapers. You are starting to outgrow your newborn size swaddleme blanket, but you are definitely not wanting to be unswaddled yet. Feeding has been a huge challenge in the past week. Nursing has gone fabulously well, and my supply has really increased, so I think you are going through a growth spurt. But the bottles of my milk have gone very poorly. Daddy even had to call me at work one night because you were complaining so much about having to drink a bottle. WE have been trying different brands of bottles this week, for me you had been doing really well with Playtex VentAire bottles, but for Daddy you choked. So we also have been trying the Avent ones....waiting to see what you tolerate better. Your reflux has also been getting increasing worse, and thankfully the doctor increased your dose of Zantac this week.

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