Thursday, November 17, 2011

Peanut and Doodle

I haven't updated much about Peanut (Sophia) and Doodle (Sam) lately....
Peanut is doing so well. At 3yrs 8months her vocabulary is amazing! Some of the things she comes up with just completely crack me up...."Mommy if I don't be disobedient can I have a reward?" "When God's in heaven looking at me is he happy?" "Mommy are we on the highway or the bottomway (any road that is not the highway she has now named the bottomway", etc etc She is learning the letters that Sammy is learning in school here at home. She is so funny, we have spelled some things here at home and she actually knew what we were spelling!!! Think I am in trouble with her....Unfortunately we did have to take her out of preschool for a little while since we just can't afford it. But I am trying to keep teaching her and have her have new experiences. Today we went to the library and she sat for 4books! And then got to make a little craft. We also signed up for her FIRST library card today! She is so excited about it. She signed out four books on her card today. She is absolutely LOVING music! She loves to sing and dance, to whatever music is playing. And if it happens to be ANY kids singing, she automatically considers it her VBS song:-) We have continued going to physical therapy up until this week. Where Sophia has continued to complain of pain the physical therapists have recommended that she be seen again by orthopedics. So we are now going back to the orthopedic doctor next week. And a HUGE praise report and thanks to God, that I called last week and got an appointment for within two weeks with the chief of ortho at Childrens Hospital!
I am still adjusting to having this handsome little guy gone all day. I was totally not ready for him to go to kindergarden. He is loving it and thriving there. He is excited every day to tell me what he learned about and if there are any words he comes across he tries to sound them out. He also is absolutely loving to read, currently we are reading a second book in a chapter book series, the initial is called Shiloh, and now we are reading Shiloh Season. Health wise I am thinking he has a sinus infection but amy praying that it resolves without need for antibiotics. The nurse at his school is absolutely phenomenal and we have lots of conversations whenver he has anything going on. We are kind of in a holding pattern as far as the IVIG goes....the doctor has suggested we try subcutaneous injections instead of the monthly IVIG, so we have to determine what way will be best for him. He is becoming so creative since school started, wanting to make things, and color and glue and cut. He likes to do it all. He has also really been enjoying music class. I so wonder what he is going to be?

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