Monday, November 28, 2011

IVIG, Legos, and More...

Today Sam had IVIG. As always he was so brave for the IV access. THey got it in on one try, praise God. The lab had to draw labs today, and unfortunately that was two draws but again he was so brave, and they then rewarded him with a coloring book and crayons. He was very happy about that. Oh my goodness he is getting so big! He weighed 42.5 pounds today!!! He has gained more than a pound in the last month!!! I think they said he was 44inches too!For some reason today he was starving and INHALED a lot of food while there. So he ate, we did some puzzle type things in his coloring book, and then we did a real puzzle. His blood pressure was elevated today, so not sure what is going on there. And because of that it took almost five hours arrival to discharge today....Hoping he isn't too tired for school tomorrow. I heard back from Children's today, Soph's MRI is scheduled for December 21st. IT feels like that is forever away. It stinks because it is right before Christmas. And as much as I remind myself that God is in control and that He knows those results already, the unknown is really starting to get to me. The "what if" questions are starting to play more and more frequently in my head....Praying praying praying that this is nothing, and that although when you look it up on the internet mostly all you see is cancer, that that has NOTHING to do with this. The kids have really been playing well together lately. Between coloring together, driving the matchbox cars, puzzles, and legos it has been so enjoyable to watch them developing a deeper friendship. They try to help each other out when the other has a problem. I am just so blessed... I brought Preston with me today so he could nurse. And while we were there I put him on the scale: 10lb 6oz!!! Woohoo!!!

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