Wednesday, November 9, 2011

10 Weeks

Can't believe my little peanut is ten weeks old. On some days it feels as though time is flying by so fast, and other days I feel like he has been with us forever. Regardless I can't imagine our family without him. This week his personality is really starting to come out. He is pretty demanding about how he wants to be. He doesn't really like to be repositioned at all, although some of this I feel like is due to his reflux issues.
He is really starting to smile and coo occasionally. He is tracking objects really well and turns to my voice when I start talking. He is batting at the toys on his playmat, and enjoys looking at the pictures from his projector on the ceiling. I think after the meningitis he really was feeling so poorly and now he is getting back to feeling good. Praise God!
So the visiting nurse came today to weigh him, and he is 9lb 2oz!!! I can't believe it. So he is gaining really well right now. I am still exclusively breastfeeding him, although he got some pumped milk this week on monday night as I had to return to work:-( This week I have been trying to get him on a good schedule, not so much strict timing wise, but more consistent with length of times between feedings. I read a great blog, and the mom has discussed the book "On Becoming Babywise" at great length. My brother in law and his wife did babywise with their kids, we attempted to with the other two and it didn't fit our life. But there are things about it that I think are really wonderful....A set wake up time everyday for the first feeding, Dream feeds, eat-play-sleep routine, etc. So this week I have been trying to have a set wake up (07:30am) and then go from there. I have also been trying to be more consistent with when he is fed, whether it be two or three hours. Either way it is working well...
He is completely out of preemie clothes, and there is starting to be some newborn stuff that is too small. He has also outgrown the newborn diapers and is now in size one. He has rolled several times this week from his belly to his back.
He is still really loving to be swaddled. It is funny to watch his whole body relax as I start to swaddle him. We currently are using the Miracle Blanket (my favorite) as well as the kiddopotomus swaddlers. And the newest thing that he absolutely loves???? His Wubbanub! It is so cute to see him with that thing. He is actually holding on to it so tightly with both arms. With one his is rubbing the silky mane, and with the other he is holding the whole thing as tight as possible.
Sleeping is improving this week too. I actually had an almost 7hr stretch the other day. It was wonderful. When he woke he just ate and went right back to sleep.

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