Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

I grew up in a military family. My grandfather's served in World War II, my uncles served in Vietnam, my father served in Desert Storm and 20years in Special Forces, my brother DJ joined the Air Force,and my youngest brother Dennis has been serving in Iraq, Korea, and here in the states. And there are many more family members that have served. My brother in law, and father in law, my mother, etc.
Today as we celebrate Veterans, I am remember all those families that have lost a loved one. Families that are not complete right now, daddies and mommies who miss their child's birth, first smile, first steps, first day of school, first boy/girl friend, first date, first time driving, first sport game, first prom, graduation. I am thinking of the parents who miss birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. I am thinking of the veteran who is sleeping without pillows and blankets, who hasn't had a REALLY GOOD meal in months, who has had to say good bye to his buddies way too many times. I am thinking of the families left at home, who struggle with fear and sadness never knowing if their loved one is safe. The families, who have empty places at their kitchen table, an empty tooth brush holder, traditions that are not complete because mommy or daddy isn't home.
So today when you are out remember....

The soldier who celebrated Christmas in Iraq without his/her family last year

The YOUNG man who is risking his life, before he has even really had a chance to live it

The grandmother who sent her husband, her six sons, and many grandchildren off to war

The Uncle who doesn't get all the snuggle time he wants with his nieces and nephews

The brother who teaches his siblings how to be thankful and grateful for their MANY blessings

The grandpa whose body is broken and sore from all the jumping out of planes, and night missions that he did

The Mom who has to say good bye to her baby countless times, not knowing if she will see them again, but still continues to smile and keep a brave face

The grandmothers whose legacy goes through generations of Americans who are proud to stand and fight for our country.
AND THEY DO IT FOR YOU!!! Thank you Veterans, I love and appreciate you so much!!!

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