Monday, November 7, 2011


The kiddos were jumping in the leaves with their dad yesterday. I was just sitting watching them run around and run and jump into the leaves. Then Matt came outside, and our nice calm SAFE leaf experience was OVER. It then proceeded to get a lot more exciting and fun for the kids, terrifying for me.
Matt helped them climb a six foot ladder and jump off!!! It was so scary. And Miss Sophia, the dare devil herself even did it backwards! Of course Daddy got in on the excitement too
Today the visiting nurse came to check in on Preston. This would have been our discharge visit if he hadn't of ended up back in the hospital. Don't get me wrong, the visiting nurse is exceptionally nice, and sweet. But I am just tired of the hassle of it. And now we are back to twice a week visits. I guess this comes with the territory of a 34weeker. The good thing is that he got weighed today and he has gained a little weight, he is now 8lb 9oz.

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