Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lazy weekend

What a beautiful day we had today. The weather was chilly but sunny. Unfortunately Matt had to work during the day, so the kids and I headed over to my mom's for a few hours. I left Preston inside with my mom and took the munchkins for a nice long walk. It was so rejuvenating. Unfortunately we had probably walked 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile when Sophia started complaining that her legs hurt. I am starting to wonder if this pain thing that she experiences is affected by temperature and things like that. She complained during our walk but also complained tonight when she was coloring that the inside of her elbow was hurting.
Praising God that Preston is really doing wonderful today. He is much less irritable and seems to be really getting closer to normal. He did smile for me a few times, and actually smiled for my mom too. It just makes my heart smile to see that sweet smile on his face. I have taken probably a 100 photos trying to get that smile, but I haven't gotten it yet.
After Matt got home and we ate dinner, we sat down to play games together as a family. It was really fun. We played two versions of memory. One was Dr Seuss and one was Curious George. The kids had a blast as did us.
Preston is more and more loving to be swaddled. It is almost like you can see his whole body relax as he senses you putting him in the swaddling blanket.

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