Wednesday, November 23, 2011

12 weeks old

Preston I cannot believe you have been here with us for twelve weeks already! I am so in love with your sweet precious face and personality. You are really starting to get big (to me at least) since you are now over 10pounds and have grown four inches! This week your eyes have definitely leaned more towards the brown side. The last few weeks we really couldn't tell what color your eyes were, some days they looked grey, sometimes they looked green or hazel. But in the last few days they are definitely looking like they will be brown, like your momma:-) You are cooing more and more. I absolutely love it. It is some ooooo kind of sound that you make most frequently, and sometimes there is a G sound attached. You are drooling alot this week too! I hope you aren't already teething but I guess you could be. You have started to really take an interest in Sam and Sophia, and when they make faces or noises you reward them with one of your sweet smiles. Unfortunately although I have probably taken 100 pictures of you trying to get your smile, I STILL HAVEN'T GOTTEN IT!!! As soon as the camera comes out you get all serious! Silly boy!!! You are still wearing size one diapers, and mostly 0-3month clothes now. I have put a couple of the 3month size PJ's on you because you are so long. You still love to be swaddled, and have almost outgrown our smallest swaddle me blanket. We still like the miracle blanket the best but the swaddle me's work ok too. Schedule wise you are eating every 2.5-3hrs during the day, and then at night you have a four hour stretch and a five hour stretch. You are taking two really good naps and then a couple of cat naps too. You like your sleep!!! Mommy has been working a little bit, and so you have been taking some bottles, you aren't a huge fan but you really like to eat so you deal with them. Currently we are using Playtex Vent Aire and also Avent. You seem to do better with the Vent Air ones, but get frustrated because it doesn't come out as fast as you would like, but then you aren't quite so gassy.....I am still giving you the Zantac twice a day and I do believe that it helps, and also the Mylicon, which in my opinion is worth its weight in gold.

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