Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

To be perfectly honest I was having a really tough time thinking about thanksgiving this year. I knew that this year would be the last that my parents were up here, and I was really sad knowing that I wasn't going to be spending it with them. Due to Preston's prematurity we decided that we would stay home this year, in order to avoid exposing him to lots of people. So this year was my first year hosting thanksgiving. We origionally invited my aunt and uncle but they turned us down as they had already made plans. However yesterday those plans fell they called and asked if they could come along with my three cousins. So they did. It was a really nice time, and the food came out really well. My aunt brought several dishes, and I had made several so we had a huge amount of food. My mom was so cute, and got Soph and I matching aprons and hats:-) Both of my older two kiddos had a blast helping me make the food. We made everything from scratch! I made dressing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, squash, broccoli casserole, cranberry apple pie, and of coures a GIANT turkey! The cranberry sauce came out so well, I was nervous about it but it came out good. My aunt brought several dishes too so we had tons of food.
My aunt and uncle brought a game and a toy that I used to play with as a kid at their house! When we were young children my cousins and I used to have sleep overs all the time. I very clearly remember playing this game with my cousins. It is so fun to see my kiddos playing with things I enjoyed so much as a child! The game is by Milton Bradley, and is called "Guess Who?" I don't even know if they make it anymore, but if they do I highly recommend it for your kids.
My aunt and uncle are so wonderful with kids. My kids couldn't wait for them to get here. They did lots of playing and then everyone got tired....
All three of my kiddos got to wear this little outfit for Thanksgiving. Sam and Preston were born in July and August, so I can see them fitting into it, but Sophia was born in March, and she fit into it too!!! The front says "Thankful as can be" and the back is a turkey...I love this outfit:-)

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