Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tubby time and hibernation

So even though Preston is my third preemie, and even though Sam had all his health issues, I feel like this time around not being able to be out and about is going to be much harder. Today as I dressed Sam and Sophia for church I was sad that I wasn't joining them. Thankfully my mom watched Mr P last week for me so I could go, and I am hoping to go next week...but it is weird being home on a sunday morning. I know that God understands, but I so enjoy being with other believers to worship him. I am listening to KLove and enjoying the peace of not having the other two munchkins arguing. But I am wishing that I was at church.
So Preston always seems to have stinky hands. He so often has his fists clenched that they get all stinky and sweaty. Some days he loves his bath and other days not so much. This time he did love it:-)

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