Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Well Child Check Up

Preston finally had his two month well child check up today. We missed the first time that it was scheduled because he had meningitis. So technically he is no longer two months, but because of the type of visit today was they actually did actual and adjusted age measurements. I am SHOCKED and THRILLED to hear that he in his adjusted age is in the 90th percentile for height, 70% for weight, and 60% for head! So he truly is a big boy. His weight today was 9lb 5oz and he was 23 inches long. I had been planning on doing an alternate vaccine schedule, but have changed my mind with this little guy. We did it with the other two, but it is amazing what happens to your line of thinking when you watch your child go through a terrible illness that the vaccines protect against. I know he did really well and is recuperating well from the meningitis (praise God!) but I know that it could have been so worse. It is so hard to be a nurse and to also be a mom in an environment where I see the bad stuff, and then to go through all of it with Preston....Well anyways he will receive the regular vaccine schedule, and I have faith that it will go fine. The doctor discussed his distended stomach with me, his reflux issues, his feeding and sleeping habits, the fact that the rash that he had when he had meningitis keeps flaring up, and some preemie specific issues with me. I am so thankful for Dr V and her knowledge and willingness to answer questions. I am thankful that I know I can call her at any point and ask her advice and that she won't mind giving it to me. I am thankful that they don't make us wait in the crowded waiting room. I am thankful that she makes sure everything is disinfected.....

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