Monday, June 18, 2012


Gosh I feel like this roller coaster is starting to go too fast again. In January when we got the eosinophilic diagnosis I was caught off guard, but then in changing the diet and things improving I feel like we have gotten into a grove again. But in the last week or so Sam has been having low body temperatures again (in the 95 degree range) and it has been warm. So now we are going to be getting in with MORE doctors. We did this low body temp thing before, when he was just stopping breathing at night, and so I am anxious becuase of that. His primary talked about it being an infection causing the low temp, or possibly some type of endocrine disorder. So I guess that that will be our next course of action. I know that God totally has all things under control but still I am overwhelmed. Something also is going on with PReston GI wise. I am trying to figure out how much of the eosinophilic stuff is hereditary. He has had more than his fair share of GI issues since birth. But this past week he has been puking (alot) and I think refluxing again. Which GI seems to think is unlikely that it is reflux because it doesn't usually get worse again after six months. I spoke with the on call doc over the weekend who recommended mylanta to see if that seemed to help, I am on the fence about whether it did or didn't. He is waking up frequently at night, coughing, spitting up, burping a ton and now three times has had this respiratory type symptoms that come on quickly and resolve quickly, he gets wheezing and congested and then it clears after like ten minutes. Weird... So I called GI this morning, they want me to wait out the week with him like this to see if anything changes. To see if it is a "post viral" delayed emptying of his stomach. Meaning maybe he had an illness and it kind of slowed down the motility in his stomach, so give it a few more days to see if it gets better. Sam seems to be ok today, and he had a little bit of egg yesterday! I made homemade brownies for him, with his ingredients, and eggs. He had two within the course of the day and seems fine! I am so happy about this. I am super frustrated though because I feel like I always have to be the bad guy with him:-( I made the chocolate raspberry cake for Matt for Father's Day, and Sam wanted a piece. Of course, I would love for him to have a piece, but I also would love for him to not be sick or have GI symptoms. But both my MIL and Matt wanted him to have some! It makes me so crabby! Yes they ask so he sees them asking me, if I say no I am looking like I am just being mean, he doesn't understand why I don't want him to. If I say yes then I am telling him that it is ok to eat whatever he wants and that we don't have to do what the doctor says, but beyond that I am also telling him that he doesn't really need to follow a specific diet, so when he is away from me then what will he do??? Uggghhh! So frustrating! On friday I watched my friend Megs kids (3 of 4). We had such a fun day. Ben and Josiah are six and are great friends of Sams. He absolutely loves playing with the boys. Gracie is eight I think:-) She was such a little helper that day. She did so much to help and keep all the younger kids happy.

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