Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Eosinophils and GI Plan

SO I sent Sam's doc an email yesterday regarding his recent abdominal pain. He essentially wants us to remove the eggs again from his diet and see how he does. So that is the plan for now. This is such a roller coaster ride. I still don't believe the eosinophilic colitis is Sam's actual problem, I believe it is a symptom of something bigger:-( It is so frustrating when the doctors say things like "well this isn't really typical, but we all know that Sam doesn't play by the rules." Yeah I get that my kid is complicated and doesn't fit the typical EOS mold, but that doesn't mean I don't want him better. I so desperately want him to not have pain so often. To be able to digest food, and not have discomfort. To start gaining weight and not be so skinny. To have a healthy glow to his skin. To have energy and a good well balanced nutritious diet that he enjoys....etc etc. So for now eggs have to come back out, we will see if that makes any difference. I don't have a really clear understanding of how long I am supposed to wait for this to get better.... But for now please keep him in your prayers

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