Friday, June 22, 2012

? Eosinophilic Colitis (again) and water fun

So yesterday we went to the lake with our friend Meg and her kiddos. It was a great day. Sam really ralleys to have fun with his friends. It is a great distraction for him. So we spent almost the entire day there. I heard back from Sam's primary GI doctor today, he started him on a new medication that they use to treat ulcerative colitis. It should help the inflammation and therefore help the pain. Unfortunately it takes a few days or so to see if it is going to help. But for today he is so miserably uncomfortable. I was contemplating bringing him to the emergency room here locally, although I am sure they would take one look at him and transfer him someplace else. So instead we are trying to stick it out at home and I called the on-call doctor at Mass General. She was super helpful and kind. She said it sounds like the Eos. colitis is back. And reinterated (because they all have to remind me) that having the Eos in the colon is so uncommon, that it is just a complicated process of figuring out the cause and course of treatment. She said to give him tylenol, a warm bath (yeah sure in this 90+ degree weather) and a warm compress to his belly. So we are trying and praying to see if this helps. But here are the pics from yesterday at the lake:-) My beautiful little princess modeling her new Puddle Jumper life vest Mr P with "Auntie" Meg. This lady is such an amazing friend and sister to me. I am so blessed to have her in my life. A truly special, inspiring beautiful woman of God. Sam and his buddy Noah. Sam and Noah each have had some pretty complicated medical histories. They have a special bond because of it. Miss Sophia swimming with Liz, Liz is a sweet teen that helps babysit Meg (and my friend Tipp's kiddos, Noah, Emily, and Caleb) This was Preston's really first time swimming. I am shocked at how much he enjoyed it. He didn't at all care about the temperature. We just sat him right down in the water. And he started splashing and had a blast. My mom got him this cute little crab float and he loved it, although he was trying to get farther into the water the whole time he was in it. Sam and his favorite summer time toy, a squirt gun:-) Sophia and Caleb (this is Tippany's youngest) Sam and Ben (Ben has a twin brother, Josiah) had a blast swimming with their goggles. It is amazing to me how quickly they just figure out swimming. Obviously I wouldn't want him to swim out over his head, but he did so well after just yesterday being back in the water, from all winter of not swimming.

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