Sunday, June 24, 2012

GI update

So we started Sam on the new medication called Dipentum on friday. Friday he was absolutely miserable in the evening. Saturday AM he seemed better, and by saturday night he was even better. Today he says "My belly only hurts a little." So God is healing this little guy and I am so thankful. He seems like he is still fairly wiped out but rallies for a while and gets wild and crazy. We set up a little 8foot pool for them to swim in. They love it, although Sammy gets freezing really easily. Poor guy was shaking like a leaf, we kept having him come out to get warmed up and then he would want to go back in. I am just so thankful that he is feeling better. His appetite is pretty poor but at least he is eating. He is drinking ok as well. The other day we got to watch my little nephew Darius. Darius was one in december, can you see how close in size he is to Preston? My big guy is growing so big:-)

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