Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Privigen IVIG

So today was our trip back into Boston Children's for Sam's new IVIG product Privigen. I worked last night until 3:30am, then came home and layed down for about an hour before we had to drive in at 05:30. I was so anxious about it being rush hour traffic but thankfully it was fine for driving, it drizzled a little intermittently throughout the trip in. He wasn't at all anxious about any of it, and was happy to be able to see some of his old nurses. He was too funny telling Franny our nurse where she could put his IV. So she actually listened to him and tried to get the IV In where Sammy wanted ot. He is such a good boy. HE didn't flinch complain of cry while they were putting the IV in or taking his labs. He was so excited to be able to play video games and watch a movie. He weighed 43lb 15oz. And was 38 inches tall. I am waiting to hear back from Dr B about the plan from here. Will call by thursday if I haven't gotten the results by them. So we know that this new product Privigen was tolerated well so far. The protocol for delivering it seems to be the same. SO I am praying that we can do it at home again. Thanks so much for praying for us today, please continue to pray for wisdom for all of those involved in his care, that as we move forwad that all the right decisions will be made in order for him to grow and survive.

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  1. Praying for Sam and for all of you! Hoping that all goes smoothly! What a sweet boy you have. I can't believe how great he does at the appointments. I really hope that this medicine works and he feels great!