Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I had the priviledge of going strawberry picking with my munchkins today and my wonderful friend Ashley and her two boys, Taron and Hunter. Our kids really love to get together and unfortunately schedule wise it is so difficult to get them together very often. We had a great time and amazingly perfect weather. Temperature was warm but not hot, and it wasn't sunny so no one got too much sun. Kids had a great time, although both of my boys seemed a little out of sorts. Preston got fussy towards the end. He certainly still isn't feeling all that well. I wish GI wasn't making us wait out the week before they try to help him. He actually had one of the worst days since this all started today. He ate poorly all day. atually didn't even really eat breakfast or lunch, but was able to get a good amount into him at dinner. Thankfully my milk supply is still up so he was able to nurse well today, which he will never turn down:-) He also enjoyed some strawberries while we were out picking. I have this great infant feeder thing that you put whole foods in and they bite it through this mesh bag. So they get the fresh foods without the choking risk. He really really likes it. Ashley's older son, Taron is just a couple months older than Sam. These two sure can rough and tumble together. I wish we lived closer and our schedules were more conducive to getting together more frequently. Little stinker Sam wouldn't let me get a picture of just him!!! Hunter is just a couple months older than Sophia. These two are so sweet together. Both of Ashley's boys are so sweet towards Sophia, always wanting to help her, or have her sit next to them in kid's church, etc... We just had a fun day. The kids didn't actually do a whole lot of picking which was kind of suprising. Or what they did pick they ate for the most part. When we went last time they picked really well, so I just assumed now that they were older they would do even better but they were too busy playing with each other. When we got home, Sam was completely wiped out. He ended up asking if he could rest, and laid down in the living room for the rest of the afternoon. He then was really complaining of chest and belly pain at dinner time as well:-( Poor guy! I just really wish we could fix this for him. He didn't eat anything today that should have caused his symptoms, well at least not that we know causes him problems.... I will see how he is tomorrow.

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