Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

We had a great day today and pray that you did as well. Unfortunately Matt had to work all weekend:-( But we were able to have his parents and his brother over this afternoon for a little while after he got home. His brother was only here for a little bit before they headed home. But his parents got to stay for quite a while and we had a great visit with them. A while ago we had gone to a wedding and Matt had commented how he really liked the raspberry filling of the wedding cake. So I determined that I would be making that for him for Father's Day. It is such a process to make the raspberry filling. First you have to boil down the raspberries... After I boiled the raspberries and incorporated the sugar and other ingrediants I then had to strain it. Matt saw how much work it entailed and offered to help. He came up with this plunger type system that worked well, well until it didn't...THEY EXPLODED EVERYWHERE!!! I also made a dark chocolate cake. The kids help me put the raspberry puree and some of the frosting on. The finished product.... We had such a nice visit with Matt's parents... Matt and his brother Tim Sophia got some great snuggle time in with Daddy and Grandpa. Preston got some snuggling in with Grandma It was such a good day. I was nervous about EVERYTHING, but it seemed to go well. I think everyone enjoyed the dinner, and dessert. Matt got to visit with his parents which is nice, and the kids got some time with their grandparents. Praying that all the daddy's out there had an amazing day celebrating who God made them to be:-)

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