Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kindergarden and hypothermia?

Last thursday Sam had his end of year kindergarden show. It was so cute, the kids sang and danced and played instruments. It was so fun to watch the kids and their different personalities. There were some kiddos that were completely in their element and just had a blast dancing around and having everyone looking at them, and then there were other kids (like my Sam) who didn't at all seem comfortable and were busy watching their classmates. He was so fun for me to watch. He knew all the words, and the moves but was so meek about it. He said he had so much fun though. I can't believe my guy is done kindergarden! How does that even happen? It feels like just yesterday I held his tiny (blue:-() body next to mine and hysterically cried when they took him away from me and brought him to the NICU. And now I feel myself getting emotional thinking that he is getting so old and is just not going to need me or want me as much. I am savoring these days lately where he wants to cuddle. In the past when he wants to cuddle I have focused on it being becuase he wasn't feeling well, and that was why, now I am just enjoying every moment of these snuggles. Pretty soon I have a feeling it won't be "cool" to snuggle with his momma. But speaking of him being sick... please keep him in your prayers. Now that the warm weather is here he has been complaining that he is cold. He did this a couple years ago, when he was stopping breathing. They never figured out what was the cause back then. Back then he was getting cold in the middle of winter, and we were sleeping in the living room with him in front of a wood stove that was burning super hot, and the living room was in the 80s but he was still 95 for a temp. But I have been saying for the last several weeks that he is "just off" can't quite put my finger on it but something isn't right. Well the last couple of days I have been checking his temperature and it has 95.5-96.0. Pretty low:-( So I will be calling his pediatrician tomorrow, but I am not sure what she will want to do about it. He has been dragging for the last week, falling asleep early, just laying around when he gets home from school etc. I thought after the privigen that he would perk up but he hasn't yet:-( Please keep him in your prayers.

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