Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Privigen IVIG progress

SO I have AMAZING health insurance and I am so blessed to have it. We pay quite a bit for our health insurance, but it is worth every penny. Sammy has a case manager through our insurance that helps get everything in place for him, in regards to anything and everything I could possibly need. She has gotten appointments all scheduled on the same day. She got his apnea monitor and supplies situated for us. She got us referrals for whatever we needed. She got the formula we needed for Preston covered etc etc. I am just so thankful to have her, and it is just such a blessing to have someone on the other end of the phone that I can vent to about all the medical stuff and she absolutely gets where I am at and all that we have been going through. She calls and checks in on us about every other week, and always offers her assistance. A tremendous blessing! That being said we are in the process of switching the location of the IVIG to closer to home. Way back in the beginnging we did all the infusions at Children's, but for the last nearly year and a half we have been doing them out here at Heywood Hospital. It has been so much easier not having to travel the hour and a half plus into Boston. So we are just about there to have the privegen out here. I am just praying that all goes smoothly and that we can continue to do it out here. I would love to be done with all of this, but Sammy just isn't quite there yet.

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