Friday, June 8, 2012

Babies, friends and fun

SO my best friend came over with her beautiful four and a half month old little girls. The girls names are Abigail and Aubrey, or Abby and Bre Bre. My kids absolutely love their auntie Chantal and have been anxiously waiting a visit with her and her precious little ladies. So thankfully we got to have a great visit with them. Soph and Sam were in their glory. Sophia wanted to hold both girls at once. As did Sam. Sam was easily distracted but Soph was completely sucked right into the mothering role. So so cute. Sam is acting so funny still. I can't quite put my finger on what could possibly be going on with him. He just looks sickly and is acting sick. I kept praying that we would just get to IVIG and that that would boost him and give him his energy back but the poor guy is still struggling. I wish that I could just make him healthy. He is such a trooper though. I can certainly see that we will probably be heading into the doctors next week if he doesn't perk up.

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