Sunday, June 10, 2012

Birch Hill Dam

We took a family walk the other day with the kiddos. It was really quite fun, until the down pour on the way back! The kids of course thought that that was the best part. We have a very large dam about 20minutes or so away from us. So we went and walked up to the dam, the kids loved seeing the rushing water, and all of "the nature stuff" as Sophia calls it. The kids thankfully have a very adventurous daddy. I am so thankful that we can balance each other out in this aspect. Matt is definitely experienced with the outdoors and all that God has blessed us with in nature. I love the fact that he has so much knowledge about it, and likes to share it with our kids. Daddy even had them walking up on the train tracks that ran along side the path to the dam. The kids were so excited to be up there. It is silly but when I was a teenager and dating Matt, we went out on the traintracks together. It was so fun, and I remember thinking that he was so brave and knowledgeable about it. I also remember being terrified that a train would come. Thankfully one never did, then or when we were at Birch Hill. But these are the things memories are made of. The view looking down into the Dam. Preston just hung out in his stroller, unfortunately the bugs really liked him once it started raining. I had to completely cover him with clothing in order for them to not eat him. Rock climbing with Daddy:-)

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