Friday, June 29, 2012

Back to regular stuff....

Gosh it has again been such a crazy week! Sammy has had a horrible week GI wise, but since I was playing the commenting challenge I haven't even been keeping track, so since this is my "medical journal" here is what's been going on the last week.... MONDAY: was a little better than the weekend in regards to pain, but stools were massive and very strange. Bloody and seemed like tissue or something....was eating fair but not great TUESDAY: relatively the same as monday, although this day he started complaining that he was really cold again. I unfortunately didn't really think about checking a temp that day (Dumb!!!) but he never felt overly chilly. But when I talked to PCP she said that people can have a low temp when they are fighting infection too... WEDNESDAY: Pain and discomfort is back. Eating is worse, but is drinking well. His energy was decreased today, and continued to complaining of being cold. This day his temp was 96.1 orally. Stools continue to be huge and shredded, with some streaking of blood... THURSDAY: Was a rough day. Sammy was complaining of nausea as well as pain. Poor guy. This is a new complaint for him as he hasn't had complaints of nausea with the colitis before, or at least he hasn't voiced it before. He essentially laid under a big fuzzy blanket all morning, and then seemed a little bit better. We had to go pick Sophia up from VBS and went to the lake for a bit. At the lake he did swim and play with the Paradis family, but certainly wasn't his normal self there. When we got home he still complained he was chilly, but asked for some chicken noodle soup and actually ate it. So praise God for some progress! He was super sensitive and emotional, which he always is when he doesn't feel well.... FRIDAY: Today started out ok. He had another relatively normal stool too. He didn't eat anything but I got him to drink some water, and a little juice. He really wanted to go to VBS so I let him go with Sophia. He had a great time, and then ate a pretty good lunch and was really active. We then went to my mom and dad's as today was my dad's birthday. He was ok there, although he didn't really run around much and just wanted to sit and watch everyone else around him. But he didn't complain of pain while there. When we came home he ate a really good dinner!!! I am so thankful for that. And then again complained of being cold, and wrapped up in a thick fuzzy blanket, even though it is 90+ degrees out and we don't have air conditioning.... I did talk to Dr Zella this afternoon. He isn't quite sure of what is going on with my little mistery man. He was certainly happy to hear that he seems to be getting better but he isn't sure what caused it. So we have an appointment monday morning and will go from there. The poor little guy, I just wish I could take it all away from him. As a mom, I have watched him struggle health wise, essentially his whole life. And although we keep "adding diagnosis" to his little list of medical issues, I still don't think any of this is making him better. It's like we are just scratching the surface and that we don't have the big "aha!" moment that ties everything together. WE don't know so much about him medically, and so when these weird things keep happening no one is sure how to deal with him. And so he is a little boy who has so much pain and discomfort and I am his momma that watches sadly:-( Praying for a good weekend for my sweet little guy and hopefully some answers ASAP or even better for our amazing God to heal him!!! Have a blessed weekend!!!

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