Thursday, June 7, 2012

Eosinophilic Clinic and last day of preschool

Today is Sophia's last day of preschool at Sunshine Garden. I have been so blessed to have both Samuel and Sophia attend a year of school there. I was hoping for a few more years, but Karen the teacher is retiring this year. She has put her heart and soul into Sunshine Garden for the last twenty eight years, and hundreds of kids and their families have been blessed because of it. Last week Soph went on a filed trip to Coggshall with her class. She had a wonderful time. THey played on the playground, fed geese, and hiked around the pond. Soph has made some good friends in her class, and I love that we all share our faith. Some of these friends are moving on to Bethany Christian school with us in the fall. It won't be the same as Sunshine Garden but I am looking forward to her thriving in another school. Tomorrow we have our follow up for Sam at the Eosinophilic clinic. I am not really sure what to expect from this appointment. I am kind of on the fence as to what I want the next step to be. Children's and MGH treat Eos disorders differently. MGH just goes in and eliminates a lot of food all at once in the hopes of getting rid of the culprit immediately, which is exactly what happened for SAm. The unfortunate thing, is that we took out so many things and now we don't know what is the true cause. The way Children's opporates is that they take out one thing at a time, and keep close tabs on symptoms.... So if you have any Eos disorder what was the way your hospital went along with diagnosing/treating it? Today Sammy has a performance at his school. It is an end of the year kindergarden program. He is really excited about it. I can't wait to see him. It is so hard to believe my baby is finishing up his first full year of school, and that he will soon be a first grader. WOW!!!! I still haven't heard back from Immuno, so I am praying I hear today. I think that since it is a new product we will have to get all kinds of stuff reapproved to do it out here again. I am praying for smooth sailing though and that all goes well

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  1. Thank you for finding my blog - I'm happy to have found yours. I'm so looking forward to learning more about your family. I'm intrigued by your son's EC - I don't know anyone else with EC - seems everyone has EoE only.