Thursday, June 14, 2012

A trip to the ENT at Childrens

Sam and I headed into Children's this AM, after I worked overnight at the hospital. To say I was tired would be an understatement. And of course there was a huge function at Fenway Park today so traffic was attrocious. Anyways we had a great visit with the ENT. I went into the appointment thinking that they would have to put Sam under to pull out these tubes in his ears, more specifically the left one because that is the one he has been complaining about. But Sam was so awesome (as always) that Dr W just pulled both tubes out while we were there today! They were pretty disgusting. I can't say that I have even seen a tube AFTER it has come out of an ear, they certainly aren't anything nice looking, with the blood and ear wax all caked to them... BUT praise God they are out!!! Dr W is fabulous but he said he doesn't need to see us again and I am thrilled! It is great to not need a specialist any longer. I am so thankful we don't have the episodes where he stops breathing anymore. I am thankful that his tonsils/adenoids are out and that we never have to do that again. I am thankful that Dr W is a Christian and has faith. Sam was 42lb 13oz today, which means he has lost more weight:-( Not sure what is going on there....I guess I will call GI on monday and see what they think. Becuase he is down about 4 pounds, and when you are already skinny.... In other news, I am not sure if Mr P is getting sick or I was just the very fortunate recipient of his puke today. He really hasn't been puking in months, so when he does I am always leery of what could be the he having an allergic type reaction to somethign that I ate that is coming through into the breast milk, is his reflux getting worse, does he have a stomach bug, etc etc. Today it was absolutely repulsive right down my shirt and puddled in my bra. DISGUSTING!!!

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